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Synonyms for perceptive

Synonyms for perceptive

possessing or displaying perceptions of great accuracy and sensitivity

Antonyms for perceptive

having the ability to perceive or understand

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Tom had never found any difficulty in discerning a pointer from a setter, when once he had been told the distinction, and his perceptive powers were not at all deficient.
BOSTON, July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- PAREXEL International Corporation (NASDAQ: PRXL), a leading global biopharmaceutical services provider, today launched the next generation of its Perceptive MyTrials[sup.
Perceptive Software announces a strategic technology partnership with Parchment to receive academic credentials electronically.
NASDAQ: DWCH) said it has announced a strategic alliance with Perceptive Software that will provide the enterprise content management and business process management industries with the enhanced ability to analyze data trapped in unstructured and semi-structured content such as reports, PDFs, HTML files, EDI streams, print files, log files and other content-rich data sources.
12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- PAREXEL International Corporation (NASDAQ: PRXL), a leading global biopharmaceutical services provider, today announced that Perceptive Informatics, the PAREXEL subsidiary that provides the Perceptive MyTrials eClinical platform and other advanced clinical development technology solutions, has been rebranded PAREXEL Informatics.
com)-- Perceptive Analytics, a data analytics company, was selected by CLASP to upgrade the SEAD Street Lighting Evaluation Tool used to Perceptive evaluate the light quality, energy consumption, and life-cycle costs of street lighting fixtures.
one of America's oldest and largest privately held companies with more than 50 manufacturing locations worldwide, has selected Perceptive Software's Content and Intelligent Capture solutions to facilitate a standardized, automated accounts payable process across the company's global shared services operation.
Perceptive Software, creator of process and content management products and solutions, including intelligent data capture, announces that the company has expanded its cloud solution offerings internationally.
Real Estate, LLC brokered a six-year, 10,000 s/f lease at 102 Madison Avenue for the headquarter offices of Perceptive Pixel Inc.
Simon Jones, MD, Via Media Ltd, named Perceptive Informatics, a leading eClinical solutions provider and subsidiary of PAREXEL International Corporation, as the winner of the Best e-Business/IT Strategy category.
Customers worldwide have rewarded Perceptive Software with industry-leading growth because ImageNow deploys quickly, with minimal disruption, within the customer's business environment.
Written and directed by that well-known avatar of sensitivity Bobcat Goldthwait, this literal shaggy-dog story is surprisingly perceptive about how much trouble trust and honesty can get a person into -- and what pigs guys can be, especially when they feel justified in judging a woman.
In a most perceptive essay, Richard Weston sees reflections on Chinese and Hanseatic traditions in the stepped gables of the exterior.
If any of you are perceptive readers (aren't ALL Art Culinaire readers perceptive?
Santa Clara, CA and Chatsworth, CA 7/6/00-Applied Imaging will acquire the US assets of Perceptive Scientific Instruments (PSI), from Internal Remote Imaging Systems (IRIS).