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the dot at the left of a decimal fraction

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Which of the countries identified in the graph have unemployment rates exactly six percentage points below that of Argentina?
0 percentage point in 1999 from the previous year's 1.
Due primarily to the positive absorption, the county-wide availability rate fell more than three percentage points from the previous year to 17.
Clinical trials have shown that for every one percentage point drop in HbA1c, there is a 35 percent reduction in diabetes-related complications, and a significant reduction in healthcare costs.
Binays disapproval ratings remained at 23 percent while that of Drilon (down by one percentage point to 12 percent in March), Belmonte (up by one percentage point to 16 percent) and Sereno (up by five percentage point to 19 percent) showed minimal changes.
Compared to the three percentage point gap in the financial market in China, the counterpart in Taiwan is far lower, which insiders believe is one of the main reasons so many Taiwanese banks are trying to tap the market there.
7 percentage point decline in the city's availability rate from a year ago to 9.
Affordability in Los Angeles County fell an annual 5 percentage points to 12 percent.
6 percentage point increase on the medium-haul network, while there was a 2.
The Forest Products business area today provides value creation with an operating surplus margin of 22%, 1 percentage point higher than the required level of 21%.
125 of a percentage point each for the next two board meetings to be held in the second half.
Locally, affordability fell 3 percentage points from a year ago and 1 percentage point from June.
The recovery was in durable goods materials used to make motor vehicles; the output of consumer durable parts bounced back more than 12 percent, while that of equipment parts and other durable materials increased about I percentage point.
During March, the California Association of Realtors' Housing Affordability Index fell an annual 3 percentage points, slipping 1 percentage point from February, said the CAR.
Subsequently, the submarket's first quarter availability rate rose almost a percentage point from last year to 8.
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