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a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

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The stout, rather greedy children, who look so well in perambulators but get puffed easily when they walk, were all young thrushes once, and ladies often ask specially for them.
I don't know how it is, but there always seem to me to be more people, and dogs, and perambulators, and cabs, and carts about in wet weather than at any other time, and they all get in your way more, and everybody is so disagreeable--except myself--and it does make me so wild.
The nurse had turned and was pushing her perambulator hurriedly up the hill again.
She had taken the baby from the perambulator, and it was a motionless bundle of wraps in her arms.
However, instead of proper treatment, she now walks the park daily, pushing an empty perambulator.
They are known as the Rolls-Royce of the perambulator world.
A Night in the Mall will be managed by Perambulator and will feature a number of acts including Serina Pech, Michael Maher and Stevie Jean.
All along the seacoast of your mind those perambulator waves of color catch the throat of your brushes and painter gone rumrunner you slide down your canvas on a platter of endless coo colors singing, sun splashing and a thousand onlookers are set sail (3)
Also known as a perambulator, hodometer, or surveyor's wheel, the waywiser is essentially a large wheel and stick that is pushed along the desired route, with a dial attached that measures, accurately, the distance travelled.
The SBI honcho had to step into a New York street to buy a perambulator for her daughter.
The perambulator made by William Wilson was the star of the show when it was sold at specialist auction house Vectis in Thornaby this week for PS5,280.
But when the boy with the purse had turned to deride the hapless woman, his attention had been diverted from a young woman pushing a perambulator.
These surveyors were armed only with a perambulator (or waywiser as it was known to contemporaries) to measure distances and a surveyors compass or theodolite to measure changes in direction.
Or if in 'Bliss' there was not a perambulator in the hall but a letter knife?
Fumbling about in the darkness that "seemed to muffle sound as well as sight" (279), Eleanor enters Renny and Maggies house and notes with exceptional sensitivity the solidity and distinction of objects: "It looked strange after the streets--the perambulator in the hall; the umbrellas in the stand; the carpet, the pictures: they all seemed intensified" (280).