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Picture: JAMES MALONEY Birkenhead Park lake: Your perambulating pensioner looked over the railings into the lake and there he saw a little boy who said: 'This is the water that makes two people'
After serving our courtship years perambulating around the dance floor at the Tower Ballroom and living the good life in dear old Brum, we walked up the respective aisles and started our married lives about the same time.
Families enjoyed getting stuck into "feeding, bathing, perambulating and other general TLC for the vegetables".
Top Gear BBC2, tomorrow, 8pm HE'S the Demon of Screamin', and he's ordered us to walk this way, but Steve Tyler won't be perambulating this Sunday evening.
As against West Ham, we made decent chances of sorts, but Hatem Ben Arfa (who is an automatic starter in my eyes) aside, we have the dynamism and pace of an American tourist perambulating Disneyland.
Wing Tom Foden, who scored at Old Deer Park, and scrum-half Jimmy Williams line up in the backs, while the Titans' forwards bring back to Birmingham talented lock Adrian Griffiths and the perambulating man mountain that is Semisi Taulava.
As we were perambulating along Princes Dock one evening this week, we noted the highflyer driving away from the TMP nerve centre.
Why is the asylum so important, and why does its new superintendant Dr Velhildegildus want Rex to help him build the Perambulating Submersible?
They track how those perambulating in that very wide gray area between life and death appeal to those believing their lives are just as bad, albeit largely above ground, and why new versions of zombies keep turning up with current concerns about society and science.
Avialable at 20/1 in the morning and backed from 11/2 to 4/1 on track, Billy Hennessy's gelding, confidently handled by Philip Carberry, came from well off the pace and overcame untidy jumps at the last two flights to get the better of Perambulating Lady.
The whole area turns into a gigantic perambulating bar, filled with big gigs and fringe gigs, but also boasting its famed stroller programme, where one ticket allows access to a multitude of hot sessions.
We love perambulating along the Willamette River bike paths, watching the fall colors turn each successive Saturday.
Paul Hynes, defending, said: 'He has been perambulating around the prison barefoot for the last couple of days.
By far the best view of it is from the hillside paths of the nearby Schlossberg, where perambulating families stop in their tracks to admire the latest provocative addition to their cityscape.
It was those constrictions that jacked up its little rear, made it look like a perambulating bath and generally ruined Mann's rather attractive original design.