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Please note boy is apple of eye, and rupees shall be sent per hoondi three hundred per annum.
The roof has been kept whole hitherto; but as the clergyman's stipend is only twenty pounds per annum, and a house with two rooms, threatening speedily to determine into one, no clergyman will undertake the duties of pastor: especially as it is currently reported that his flock would rather let him starve than increase the living by one penny from their own pockets.
This unlucky page, engaged in an evil hour at six pounds ten per annum, was a source of continual trouble to me.
You receive 1,500 francs per annum for your services here -- more than many a brave subaltern, who continually risks his life for his country, obtains.
The subject of salary next came on; it was fixed at one thousand francs per annum, besides board and lodging.
It is, however, the possession, and the only possession except fifty shillings per annum and a very small box indifferently filled with clothing, of a lean young woman from a workhouse (by some supposed to have been christened Augusta) who, although she was farmed or contracted for during her growing time by an amiable benefactor of his species resident at Tooting, and cannot fail to have been developed under the most favourable circumstances, "has fits," which the parish can't account for.
When a man in setting up a house and preparing for marriage finds that his furniture and other initial expenses come to between four and five hundred pounds more than he has capital to pay for; when at the end of a year it appears that his household expenses, horses and et caeteras, amount to nearly a thousand, while the proceeds of the practice reckoned from the old books to be worth eight hundred per annum have sunk like a summer pond and make hardly five hundred, chiefly in unpaid entries, the plain inference is that, whether he minds it or not, he is in debt.
There is the cost of the building and the expenditure per horse per annum.
Our death-rate has always been 20 in 1000 per annum.
Bristol & Mendips estimated, 5 000 mA obs per annum
The projects include: PS281,000 for Hywel Dda Uni-versity Health Board, which will allow the upgrading of all medical infusion pumps, with expected savings of PS228,000 per annum.
6% per annum, which provides a premium to the yield curve of Nomos-bank of about 120 b.
Service fees for 2012: Dh13 per square foot per annum / Dh26,572 for a two-bedroom apartment (2,044 square feet)
1% per annum, reaching 176 BCM/year in 2015 and nearly 227 BCM/year in 2035.
Unit 6 provides 3,400 sq ft at a rental of pounds 18,700 per annum, while Unit 7 offers 3,815 sq ft at a rental of pounds 21,000 per annum.