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Please note boy is apple of eye, and rupees shall be sent per hoondi three hundred per annum.
They scarcely ever taste meat; as, with the twelve pounds per annum, they have to clothe themselves, and support their families.
But would you believe that I purchase all this delight, joy, and happiness, for which I would cheerfully have surrendered ten years of my life, at the small cost of 500 francs per annum, paid quarterly?
The projects include: PS281,000 for Hywel Dda Uni-versity Health Board, which will allow the upgrading of all medical infusion pumps, with expected savings of PS228,000 per annum.
6% per annum, which provides a premium to the yield curve of Nomos-bank of about 120 b.
Service fees for 2012: Dh13 per square foot per annum / Dh26,572 for a two-bedroom apartment (2,044 square feet)
1% per annum, reaching 176 BCM/year in 2015 and nearly 227 BCM/year in 2035.
Unit 6 provides 3,400 sq ft at a rental of pounds 18,700 per annum, while Unit 7 offers 3,815 sq ft at a rental of pounds 21,000 per annum.
It is certainly the case that the abolition of the RDTC in July 1997 boosted the income of the Treasury by some pounds 5 billion per annum.
The biggest drops affected the UK, with large consumers of over 50 million kWh per annum seeing prices cut by 7.
The MOU also calls on Sinopec to start feasibility studies for the construction of a 700,000 tonne per annum GTL plant in China and a 3,000 tonne per annum CTL pilot plant, upon the completion of the cooperation agreement.
It is available at an initial rental of pounds 6,500 per annum exclusive.
Extra Cash Earned: Potential to earn an extra pounds 208 per annum (Gross interest)
5 million tonnes per annum which is the equivalent of removing 350,000 cars from the road every year.
Chinese agricultural nutrient company Yongye International Inc (Nasdaq:YONG) reported on Monday the opening of a new 30,000 tons per annum production plant in Wuchuan County, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, on Saturday.