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an ulcer of the mucous membrane lining of the alimentary tract

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Ball ABS, Thomas PA, Evans SJ, Operative mortality after perforated peptic ulcer.
We therefore suggest that continuing aspirin use plus a powerful PPI is the best initial treatment of aspirin-related peptic ulcers," said Dr.
In addition, alcohol problems in the family and fear of some member of the family were also more common among peptic ulcer patients than among other respondents.
Many mtDNA sequence variants were identified in the peptic ulcer tissues and corresponding blood cells.
Although peptic strictures are common, progression to complete esophageal stenosis in the upper esophagus occurs rarely.
Sometimes peptic ulcers bleed, which can lead to a loss of iron, causing anaemia, making the person look pale and feel tired.
86 billion yen, up 15 percent, while sales of its Pariet/Aciphex proton pump inhibitor for peptic ulcers grew 2.
To (1) provide information on the temporal association between fatal peptic ulcer presenting as sudden death and NSAID use prior to death, and (2) to examine the diagnostic efficiency of postmortem determination of NSAID levels using high-pressure liquid chromatography.
Similarly, an individual who was married to a patient with peptic ulcer disease was at 2.
pylori-associated diseases can be diagnosed reliably only by invasive means--endoscopy with biopsies-that can identify intestinal metaplasia, mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma, peptic ulcer disease, and other problems.
COT DEATH may be caused by a stomach infection linked to peptic ulcers and gastric cancer, according to research published today.
Peptic ulcer disease occurs when stomach acid penetrates the stomach and/or duodenal lining and causes sores or erosions that may bleed, lead to anemia and/or cause abdominal pain.
Once a lifelong condition that affected mostly men, peptic ulcer disease now counts an equal number of women among its victims.