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Gastric cancer screening involves H Pylori infection detection, measurement of serum pepsinogen I and II and possibly enodoscopic examination," said Burton Lee, president of Lee Biosolutions.
Serum pepsinogen tests for gastric cancer enable healthcare providers to identify high risk patients for further monitoring.
The ratio of pepsinogen 1 to 2, a marker of gastric atrophy in the proximal stomach (fundus and corpus), was significantly lower in cases than the controls in both univariate and multivariate analysis (Table 2).
In multivariate analysis using unconditional logistic regression (Table 2), a statistically significant increase in risk was demonstrated in smokers, in patients with a history of ever having consumed alcohol on a regular basis, and in patients with markers of atrophy (low pepsinogen 1:2 ratio and low gastrin-17).
Using low pepsinogen 1:2 ratio as a marker of atrophy, 6/14 (43%) of patients with intestinal metaplasia did not have atrophy, and none of the patients with intestinal metaplasia had atrophy as assessed by low serum gastrin-17.
On the other hand, immunohistochemistry showed no positivity for PSA, pepsinogen II, E-cathepsin, and salivary amylase, thus ruling out primaries from prostate, digestive tract, and salivary glands.
Standard curves were obtained by plotting total quantity of detected pepsinogen-derived peptide (fmol) against the pepsinogen concentration calculating a weighted (1/[y.
We prepared pepsinogen standard curves in a blank human saliva pool using the 7.
Experiments investigating the effect of carrier protein in the pepsinogen standard preparation and the influence of increasing Asp-N amounts on the assay outcome are described in online Supplemental Data 2.
Other procedures such as serum gastrin, serum pepsinogen, and upper gastrointestinal endoscopy are alternative mechanisms for evaluating gastric atrophy.
Serum gastrin and serum pepsinogen A and C are sensitive indicators of gastric atrophy (2,40,41).
Pepsinogen C, a member of the aspartic proteinase family of proteolytic enzymes, is the inactive precursor of pepsin C.
In the current study, we developed a sensitive and specific assay for pepsinogen C by using two monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy, and Tb chelates as labels.
They diagnosed atrophic gastritis with serum pepsinogens (ratio of PG1/PG2) and found this in 23% of people with serum B12 below 148 pmol/L.
Pepsinogens and gastrointestinal symptoms in mountain marathon runners.