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Synonyms for peppery

Synonyms for peppery

full of or characterized by a lively, emphatic, eager quality

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having the piquant burning taste of peppers

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Curiously, the peppery taste of watercress actually has a cooling effect - the complete opposite of most spicy foods which can bring you out in a sweat on even the coolest day.
Light peppery taste, great accompaniment to sandwich fillings or added to salads.
The Kingston-born author's book is one of the first cookbooks devoted entirely to the Caribbean variation of barbecuing with hot, peppery, spicy touches.
Especially interesting items are the Pumpkin Bread, Roasted Tempeh Salad with Lemon-Vinegar Sauce, Italian Spinach, (eggless) Homemade Pasta, Vegetarian Haggis (a Scottish dish), Peppery Pumpkin Risotto, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Fudge Pie, and Spare-The-Pigs Hash.
The first sensation on the tongue is spicy, or peppery," offers Gregory.
He is a classical cellist but talks in a peppery way reminiscent of a private eye out of a '40s movie.
Nothing blunted the peppery kick of Miko Wasabi Ginger or Wild Thymes Sweet Orange Hot Chili.
Also, a peppery polymer coating for fiber-optic cables could stop pesky rodents from gnawing at them.
Rich, full-bodied with soft oak and cooked apples/grapey fruitiness, slightly peppery to the nose.
Of the two casts I saw, Gates and Mossbrucker took flight as the couple in white; Cameron Basden and Fern Miller added a peppery touch of virtuosity; and as the dancer in blue churning out grandes pirouettes, Calvin Kitten displayed a gutsy, if not yet accurate, attack.
Like fine wines, premium tequilas have subtle distinctive qualities -- fragrant wood tones and peppery flavors.
Sold in special packaging, the Boxmaster(TM) combines marinated and spiced chicken filets, fresh tomatoes, crunchy salad, a flat potato cake, melted cheese and a peppery mayonnaise sauce all wrapped in a tortilla.
This is a plain omelette, warmly flavoured with Tabasco and served with a peppery, leafy salad.
4 Top tips on making a restrictive diet delicious, like peppery avocado salad 5 Comfort food from resident chef, Emma Jenkins 6 Kirstie McCrum tries a restaurant with choices with plenty of kick and fire 7 Want to wear a jumpsuit?
ROCKET This peppery salad leaf is among the easiest of salad leaves to grow.