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Synonyms for people

the public



Synonyms for people

persons as an organized body

to live in (a place), as does a people

Synonyms for people

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Assistants who had more experience than I had in working with people with disabilities would say, "You shouldn't do this and you shouldn't do that.
Some people are dealing with drug addiction, and there's not a lot you can do when you're in the grips of addiction.
and her colleagues, including Ferrucci, found that people over 70 who initially had anemia were 20 percent more likely to be hospitalized and about 75 percent more likely to die than were initially nonanemic participants (SN: 1/10/04, p.
Despite the fact that many people of color are interested in the topic, "there has been mainly a large group of white men and women in the field of sexuality.
For example, publicly publishing outcomes and contrasting results across people or units can be used to increase people's discomfort with their current performance, thus highlighting changes that need to be made.
Training can also address myths regarding people with disabilities.
If you have a short follow-up, you still have a problem with people who don't know they're sick," explains the American Cancer Society's Michael Thun.
Increase on charges for veterans' health care so rich people can have more money.
Their job is to watch real people using websites to figure out where they get confused, what words they don't understand and situations when they can't find what they are looking for.
Are they Native peoples, First Nations, Aboriginals, Indigenous peoples or Indians?
The number of people who speak Evenki, a language not shown on the graph, is only 5 percent of the number of people who speak Lezgi.
While it worked for some people, it did not work for all who were virologically well suppressed when they started.
People must know how HCV is transmitted and how to reduce their risk of infection.
The preference of older people to stay in their own natural environment requires a reassessment of the approach in dealing with this population group.