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The most widely-grown penstemons are those popularised in the Victorian era and a host of new cultivars bred since.
eatonii with other red tubular-flowered penstemons visited by hummingbirds.
Penstemons originate from the west of North America and were once used by the native Americans to relieve toothache.
Imagine sitting with a glass in your hand drinking in the early evening warmth and gazing at the giant fuchsia "Voodoo", penstemon "Garnet" and an angel eyes geranium "Bicolour".
If you live in a frost pocket, penstemon may be shortlived and needs protection of a dry winter mulch in cooler areas.
HIGHLIGHTS: Apache plume, 30 kinds of penstemon, waxflower.
Ginny Maffitt, the speaker, grows more than 100 species of penstemons and will bring plants to sell.
It's no good counting on penstemons to come through a hard winter and, in any case, they're not long-lived plants.
QMY penstemons are beginning to flower but they are looking straggly.
Penstemons, the third resident of the pots, are from the Americas - from Guatemala to Alaska.
Penstemons, however, are quite unusual in having an extended flowering season more akin to a bedding plant than a perennial, beginning in July and continuing through summer into autumn.
Penstemons are one of the most reliable summer flower, producing numerous bell-shaped or tubular blooms over a long period in a superb colour range.
Penstemons demand well-drained soil but, if you can provide it, they will reward you by self-sowing and filling your beds with flowers for many, many springs to come.
HARDEN off young plants, such as leeks, calabrese, cauliflower, pansies and penstemons, which have been in frames.