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a fund reserved to pay workers' pensions when they retire from service

a financial institution that collects regular contributions from employers to provide retirement income for employees

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The extension of tax benefits to mutual fund- linked pension funds is unlikely to have any major bearing on fund flows into the National Pension System, according to
New Delhi, Sep 6 ( ANI ): The Parliament on Friday passed the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill, 2011, that aims to create a regulator for the sector and allows at least 26 percent FDI.
Rino Muranda the head of corporate communications at the SSC told the Economist this week that consultations on the implementation of a national pension fund, which has been on the cards since 1997, are still taking place.
VI) (OTC: EBSDY), the second- largest bank in Hungary by market share, is set to close its mandatory pension fund arm.
The voluntary pension funds count around 8, 800 members and a relatively modest savings of around 60 million denars or somewhat below one million euro.
He claims that the pension funds breached their contractual obligations to TradeWinds by wrongfully declaring a "default" under the credit agreement, wrongfully accelerating the entire debt of TradeWinds to the pension funds, wrongfully causing widespread negative publicity regarding the business operations of TradeWinds, and wrongfully precluding Watkins Aviation, the majority shareholder in TradeWinds, from exercising its rights as the majority shareholder.
The policy should appeal to large pension funds that have no plans for buyout or those that plan to buyout in the future and want to retain 100% of their assets in the pension fund.
Union leaders yesterday sounded a warning about the pension fund of High Street giant Alliance Boots ahead of a shareholders' meeting to vote on a multibillion pound takeover.
Use of the pension funds is part of an effort to make up for loss of money with the narrow defeat last week of Measure H, a $1 billion affordable housing program.
5 billion real estate advisory firm, Primo says he will look to add more corporate accounts to the pension funds and institutional investors he already serves.
Since 2003, our research shows that pension funds invested $1.
We have been in the first or second quartile" of investment performance by Canadian pension funds, said Ms.
The company pays $6 billion in annual benefits, as GM employees are living longer and using up more of the pension funds.
1 the date when corporate employee pension funds will be allowed to start handing back to the state the portion of pension assets they manage on the state's behalf.
or Nempuku, and through the welfare pension funds administered by corporations for their employees was restricted by a government-mandated asset allocation -- the infamous 50-30-30-20 rule.