pension fund

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a fund reserved to pay workers' pensions when they retire from service

a financial institution that collects regular contributions from employers to provide retirement income for employees

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For today, to form and invest pension savings, one can choose one of 39 insurers: it is the Pension Fund of Russia, which manages pension savings through 1 state and 32 private management companies, and 38 non-state pension funds included in the system of guaranteeing the rights of insured persons.
Permanent Secretary to the President, Mr Carter Morupisi says pension funds play an increasingly important role as both channels for retirement savings and as intermediaries in financial market thus should be a prime concern for government and regulators from a variety of perspectives.
If the money contributed to the private pension funds shrinks, the size of pensions of these funds' contributors will be brought into question because the state-run fund will give them only 30 percent.
These funds are managed by ten pension fund managers who have vast experience of managing pooled investments.
Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Pension Fund invests PS86,367,270 or 5.
Private pension funds have more than 18,000 participants, and nearly 60 per cent of their assets are invested in the equity market.
In addition, KB first open mandatory pension fund holds 434 million euro while NLB pension fund holds 377 million euro.
Mutual funds' retirement plans will now get the same tax benefits as pension funds
Chidambaram told the members that the pension funds will be managed safely by the Pension Fund Managers.
Previously, the suspended CEO of the Social Security Commission Kenandei Tjivikua, who regarded the implementation of the national pension fund as one of his priorities when he was appointed in 2010, told The Economist that the commission was hopeful that a draft report detailing the findings of research carried out by consultants on the national pension fund will be presented to the Commission by September last year.
5 March 2013 - Kazakhstan is targeting nationalisation of the three biggest local private pension funds this year, for which it will pay with stock in domestic lenders, Kazakah deputy prime minister Kairat Kelimbetov told Reuters today.
The pension fund management has proposed closing down the arm without a successor as of July 1, following a series of changes to the mandatory private pension fund sector, Erste said.
Aquil Raza Khoja, General Manager-Punjab Pension Fund, signed the Trust Deed representing CDC and Punjab Pension Fund respectively.
Cuomo has directed the Insurance Department to issue permanent regulations banning placement agents, lobbyists and, for the first time, elected officials from any pension fund business.
With Paul Gillians' letter (PE 19 May) saying that investors should back inventors, and the dubious "fast buck" City games, it is worth remembering that the bulk of the money in the City is pension fund money.
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