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Synonyms for pension

Synonyms for pension

to remove from active service

Synonyms for pension

a regular payment to a person that is intended to allow them to subsist without working

grant a pension to


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References in classic literature ?
Chaucer's wife, too, had a pension, so the poet was well off.
Soon after that his wife died, and with her life her pension ceased.
The cardinal's refusal to pay the pension was known about the town in half an hour and he was abused with wit and vehemence.
that contemptible Mazarin has stopped poor Scarron's pension.
He tremblingly ventured to say that if she would retire from the town he should feel better and safer, and could hold his head higher--and was going on to make an argument, but she interrupted and surprised him pleasantly by saying she was ready; it didn't make any difference to her where she stayed, so that she got her share of the pension regularly.
Porthos left a pension to Aramis, who, if he should be inclined to ask too much, was checked by the example of D'Artagnan; and that word
He is of a jovial turn of mind, and like a genuine Dauphinois, has always looked after his own interests, has his pension, and the honors of the Legion.
If the Little Corporal were alive," the officer cried, "you would have the Cross of the Legion of Honor and a handsome pension besides, for every man who wore epaulettes on the other side of the river owed his life to you on the 1st of October 1812.
The Pension Bertolini had decided, almost enthusiastically, that they would do.
now almost inseparable from his name; but his long battle with poverty had ended on the accession of George III in 1762, when the ministers, deciding to signalize the new reign by encouraging men of letters, granted Johnson a pension of L300 for life.
On himself, during his later years, he spent only a third part of his pension, giving away the rest to a small army of beneficiaries.
The fifteen roubles I sent you four months ago I borrowed, as you know, on security of my pension, from Vassily Ivanovitch Vahrushin a merchant of this town.
He not obliged to sing now, only twice every year; but if he not sing twice each year they take him his pension away.
This meeting with William and Dora was fortunate from the point of view of my studies; for that very night, as I dined with them en pension, I found that providence, with his usual foresight, had placed me next to a very charming American girl of the type that I was particularly wishful to study.
And he does nothing but stay in pensions and write poetry.