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a clerk who does boring paperwork

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The Morpeth Penpusher goes on to slyly reveal the real reason your country cousins are losing their 'frivolous' Saturday trip to the region's capital: most of the weekend passengers are elderly bus pass users on a freebie ticket.
The penpusher behind the plan at Glasgow's Western Infirmary need not worry.
On top of that, the lazy penpusher who was resposible for the delay had even managed to put the letter head into the printer upside down and couldn't be bothered to correct the error.
I wonder, however, if the "moron" penpusher who forgot to fill Moyles's boots for a few weeks did it accidentally on purpose, just so we licence payers could appreciate what a pathetic pittance the Beeb pay those such as Moyles.
JaIlBIrDS are gettingthe vote because some penpusher in Brussels says so.
Because his was not a limited company he is entitled to very little, he was told by a penpusher.
Instead a faceless penpusher decided to use our money to find out something brain-achingly obvious.
Awesome stamina," added the breathless presenter after some penpusher called David got through to the semi-finals.
But back on the Beeb's sizzling search for a penpusher, old Sir Al is beginning to look like a p*ss-poor judge of character.
It is as if Whitehall penpushers who send courageous young men and women to war have learned little in 100 years.
A nurse who left the NHS after 27 years' service was reported in a newspaper as claiming, amongst other things, that far too many of the penpushers in our nationalised health service thought that it would be a wonderful place to work if they did not have to deal with patients and their relatives.
It's a disgrace that our brave soldiers have to put up with pettyminded penpushers deciding whether or not former soldiers like Callum Brown can be treated for their injuries in England or not.
Claiming the EU is hurting Welsh business, she said: "Rules and regulations made by the EU's out of touch penpushers have severe consequences on business.
The same cannot be said of the penpushers and ministers at the Ministry of Defence.
But if increasing numbers of people feel they are trapped in a web of red tape and at the mercy of uncaring and unresponsive penpushers it should be no surprise if anger foments unrest and this finds a political expression.