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a clerk who does boring paperwork

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The Morpeth Penpusher goes on to slyly reveal the real reason your country cousins are losing their 'frivolous' Saturday trip to the region's capital: most of the weekend passengers are elderly bus pass users on a freebie ticket.
On top of that, the lazy penpusher who was resposible for the delay had even managed to put the letter head into the printer upside down and couldn't be bothered to correct the error.
JaIlBIrDS are gettingthe vote because some penpusher in Brussels says so.
A MUM told yesterday how she suffered a year-long ordeal at the hands of a sex pest council penpusher.
Instead a faceless penpusher decided to use our money to find out something brain-achingly obvious.
Because his was not a limited company he is entitled to very little, he was told by a penpusher.
Awesome stamina," added the breathless presenter after some penpusher called David got through to the semi-finals.
But back on the Beeb's sizzling search for a penpusher, old Sir Al is beginning to look like a p*ss-poor judge of character.
But if increasing numbers of people feel they are trapped in a web of red tape and at the mercy of uncaring and unresponsive penpushers it should be no surprise if anger foments unrest and this finds a political expression.
How dare these penpushers mark down the care at these homes just because the staff show some affection?
That would buy 33 new 1,200-bed hospitals or three quarters of a million extra nurses or 110,000 heart transplants - for NHS penpushers without hearts of their own.
AN "easy to avoid" spelling mistake by penpushers led to the collapse of a 134-year-old family firm.
Because despite a nine-fold staff increase since 2006, such as the lack of competence among Home Office penpushers, they are failing to book deportation travel tickets or fill in simple forms.
Penpushers at the Government's Energy Department pocketed PS1.
Those Eton-educated penpushers at Whitehall have come up with the perfect solution - just slip on an extra woolly.