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the branch of criminology concerned with prison management and prisoner rehabilitation


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A nation cannot be punished for individual acts of terrorism, according to principles of natural justice and penology.
After the contract prison labor system that had dominated incarceration for the better part of the nineteenth century was abolished, rehabilitative penology surfaced in northern cities and states during the Progressive Era.
The nationwide congestion rates of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and Bureau of Corrections are 293% and 139%, respectively.
The scholar interested in medieval penology will find the 39 pages of chapter notes and the 23-page bibliography an outstanding resource of manuscripts, published material, and research studies examining a range of medieval life issues.
Ashgate Publishing (Burlington, VT) has released "Corporate Crime" as part of its International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Penology series.
Those studying the history of prisons and punishment in England have traditionally asserted that the second half of the nineteenth century was dominated by the "classical school" of penology, which treated crime as the result of moral failure, and emphasized the need for uniform, proportional and highly deterrent forms of punishment.
Cain's Redemption is very strongly recommended reading, especially for students of penology, prison system administrators, prisoner rights advocates, social justice activists, and incarcerated prisoners.
A seminal, ground breaking work in penology, A Critical Race Perspective: Private Prisons In America by Michael Hallett (Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Director of the Center for Race and Juvenile Justice Policy at the University of North Florida) is an extensively researched, comprehensively written, impressively informed and scholarly study of the profiting organization of the modern, corporately owned, private sector prison and the alleged manipulation of the penal system to enhance profitability.
A brief look at the history of penology in this country can confirm this observation.
Histories of American penology always include some discussion of religion because they have to.
The senator, chairman of the Senate Corrections and Penology Committee, said he didn't include an additional tax increase on liquor "because they're hit pretty hard now" and taxes on liquor have been raised in the past few years.
With meticulous and detailed precision, four central chapters follow the transition of New Zealand penology from its ad hoc and disorganized origins to the systematic deterrence of the 1880s.
Aspects of the new penology in the police response to major political protests in the United States, 1999-2000, John Noakes and Patrick F.
Instead, prisoners would have to transferred to detention facilities under the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.