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a person who studies the theory and practice of prison management

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In the 1880s, the famed penologist Zebulon Brockway developed a regime for juvenile offenders at his Elmira Reformatory, which explicitly borrowed military ranks, uniforms, and drilling (Osler, 1991; Smith, 1988; Rothman, 1980).
A severe rebuttal came from the Boalt Hall Law School penologists Franklin Zimring and Gordon Hawkins, who argued in a 1988 article published by the National Council of Crime and Delinquency that Zedlewski overstated the net benefit of incarceration by inflating the numerator (crimes per offender and social costs per crime) and deflating the denominator (annual cost of confinement).
A letter posted on the internet by a California prison security officer reflects a view of prisons that is more common than some progressive penologists would care to admit.
These assets should be developed in executives, justice officers, penologists, probation officers, social workers, forensic scientists, special case officers, and investigators.
I agree with the Court as to the value and humaneness of liberal use of probation reports as developed by modern penologists, but, in a capital case, against the unanimous recommendation of a jury, where the report would concededly not have been admissible at the trial, and was not subject to examination by the defendant, I am forced to conclude that the high commands of due process were not obeyed.
441) As prison discipline was reduced to a "managerial" problem, she concludes, "the goal of social justice" envisoned by the new penologists was "eclipsed by that of institutional stability.
Criminologists and penologists have argued for years that incarceration has a lasting influence on inmates' social and psychological wellbeing (Toch 1998, 1992).
Yet, the most heated disagreements between contemporary penologists came between supporters of the Auburn system and the Pennsylvania system.
7) At the same conference, Enoch Wines observed that "The principle that imprisonment ought to be continued till reformation has been effected, and if that happy consummation is never attained, then during the prisoner's natural life, has become a conviction with a large number of American penologists.
13) However, in the eightieth annual Congress of Correction, which brought penologists together in 1950, President Truman outlined the new "American way of handling social problems.
Similarly, James Jacobs challenges liberal penologists to demonstrate that current prison policy
Until recently, the topic of prison sex has received only scattered attention among sociologists and penologists.
To Rafter the entire enterprise of diagnosing and treating defective delinquents can be reduced to an attempt at "social control" of deviance, aimed at addressing middle-class fears of social and political disorder, and administered by occupational groups (psychiatry, social work, penologists, psychologists, and so on) seeking status, funding, and professional sites of power, whether inside or outside institutions.
Although subsequent social historians and penologists have criticised the intellectual partiality of some of his conclusions, there can be little doubt that Foucault single-handedly kick-started contemporary academic interest in the subject.
The fifth explores how men's sexist anxieties distorted their accounts of women's behavior, and the sixth how penologists and reformers alike constructed a largely mythic image of the prostitute.