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a person who studies the theory and practice of prison management

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Then in August 1925, the International Penitentiary Congress, a gathering of prison administrators and penologists from across the world, which took place once every five years, was held in London.
But, when Russian penologists concerned themselves with library collections and reading, they addressed, sometimes explicitly and almost always exclusively, the general criminal population.
the appellant's own expert penologist conceded that [sheriff] Peed's policies met the standards of both the Virginia Board of Corrections and the American Correctional Association.
Also troublesome is the policy's over-ambitiousness of aim: supporters of present drug policies speak of making the Nordic countries a 'drug-free zone' -- whereas what serious penologist could suggest that the region be made 'burglary-free' or 'assault-free'?
Every place that I have examined where community policing has occurred, there has been a dramatic drop in crime, particularly in violent crime," says Marvin Wolfgang, the noted University of Pennsylvania penologist.
He encountered only their metaphor, the Penologist, who was the operator of the crimes - the crimes indisputably synonymous to punishments in this case - that were performed on these dates.
Then follows a section on how to think like a penologist and a bibliography of introductory texts.
This session was a candid, fact-based presentation and discussion presented by a Thai director general and a penologist.
As a penologist and a former correctional employee, I am always searching for interesting books about the criminal justice system.
One American penologist has described the field of corrections as |a graveyard of abandoned fads', where new ideas soon stagnate.
At least since the writings of the 18th-century political theorist and penologist Cesare Beccaria, penal codes have been intended to work as mechanisms of representation.
Penologists agree that discrimination is a justifiable argument against capital punishment since it is well known that some states have tailored capital punishment to fit the black offender.
Sentencing Commissioner Rachel Barkow and Professor Mark Osier--have recently argued that the best solution is to create a formal clemency board along the lines of the Sentencing Commission, consisting of judges, former prosecutors, defense counsel, penologists, religious authorities, and the like.
Mainstream penologists are beginning to argue that mass imprisonment has been a failure, and one with devastating consequences.
Both were beloved penologists 'who made prison life bearable.