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Synonyms for pennyworth

the amount that can be bought for a penny


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The pudding at that shop was made of currants, and was rather a special pudding, but was dear, twopennyworth not being larger than a pennyworth of more ordinary pudding.
Such zests as his particular little phial of cayenne pepper and his pennyworth of pickles in a saucer, were not wanting.
The cottage loaf and the pennyworth of milk had been set forth on a sheet of paper on the window-seat.
Three pennyworths of meat I sell to a fat friar or priest for sixpence, for I want not their custom; stout aldermen I charge threepence, for it doth not matter to me whether they buy or not; to buxom dames I sell three pennyworths of meat for one penny for I like their custom well; but to the bonny lass that hath a liking for a good tight butcher I charge nought but one fair kiss, for I like her custom the best of all.
With which parting words, coolly added as he listened to his receding footsteps and locked the grate upon himself, he descended the steps, and lighting the fire below the little copper, prepared, without any assistance, for his daily occupation; which was to retail at the area-head above pennyworths of broth and soup, and savoury puddings, compounded of such scraps as were to be bought in the heap for the least money at Fleet Market in the evening time; and for the sale of which he had need to have depended chiefly on his private connection, for the court had no thoroughfare, and was not that kind of place in which many people were likely to take the air, or to frequent as an agreeable promenade.
A Charles Wigglesworth B Arthur Wainwright C Ezra Wattle D Alfred Pennyworth QUESTION 7 - for 7 points: Which of the United States is known as the 'Lone Star State'?
Do you remember buying a pennyworth (old pennies that is) of scrumps (scraps of batter from fried fish) from the local fish and chip shop Buying hot crusty cobs for a penny from the local bakery one penny bottles of dandelion & burdock and sarsaparilla from the pop shop around the corner the man on a bike with a large box on the back who would open up the box to display a grinding wheel, offering to sharpen knives for one penny and scissors for two pence playing mob, kick the tin, whip and top and rat tat ginger in the street?
WITH regard to the on-going discussion about free parking for Blue Badge holders, I would like to add my two pennyworth into the mix.
The court heard how once inside Mr Howarth attempted to buy some produce and asked for eighteen pennyworth of sheet music.
With Jack Keall adding his two pennyworth with an unbeaten 46, Sacriston looked set to record another victory after closing on 119-3.
Shawn Findlay (67) and John Darby (63) added their two pennyworth before Mainsforth ended 167 runs back after being bowled out for 156.
Sir Michael Caine, who plays Batman/Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred Pennyworth in the film, added: "I couldn't believe the intensity and ferocity of the performance.
But Nick Faldo, whose time was somewhere between the two principals, put in his pennyworth yesterday afternoon.
But no, boxers, promoters and hangers on have to put in their pennyworth and said that the victor is the greatest thing since sliced bread and that these two fighters are the greatest on earth.
Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) are expected to keep the young man safe.