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Synonyms for penny-pinching



Synonyms for penny-pinching

Synonyms for penny-pinching

extreme care in spending money

giving or spending with reluctance

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It's ironic, therefore, that the federal government's penny-pinching on revenue sharing with the states has made it more difficult to find suitable candidates for NIH grant support.
At the same time, his biography follows the restructuring of Wall Street, a reorganization based not only on creativity and financial vision, but also on penny-pinching budgets, nepotism and betrayal.
In contrast, German executives looked as charming as a bunch of penny-pinching bookkeepers.
But that can be a real plus for a penny-pinching government.
Petty penny-pinching plans, however, can backfire and cause employee morale to plummet as well as convince valued staff to jump ship, warn management experts in a recent Wall Street Journal article.
Speaking in his cramped corner office in NBC's downtown Toronto headquarters, and still looking every inch the ballet star, Anderson remains bitter about a twenty-five percent cut handed down in midseason by a new penny-pinching Conservative government in the province of Ontario.
The Cato Institute's market liberal rightly implies the centrality of voluntary exchange, but it also comes perilously close to reducing mankind to that penny-pinching Marxist straw man, homo economicus.
Instead she gets routine, motherhood and penny-pinching.
Even though they are now separated, the penny-pinching pair has retained their Scrooge-like ways.
This penny-pinching, privatisation-obsessed Government, however, must prove the international marketing of the NHS isn't another sick backdoor deal to neglect the sick.
MOST people will be familiar with Charles Dickens' classic tale about miserly Victorian taskmaster Ebenezer Scrooge, who has his appreciation for Christmas rekindled by visits from a series of ghosts, each showing him the error of his penny-pinching ways by taking him to see his past, present and future.
SCROOGED C4, 1pm Bill Murray stars as Frank Cross, a penny-pinching TV executive whose career rests on producing a ratingsbusting version of A Christmas Carol (with US gymnast Mary Lou Retton as Tiny Tim).
With Christmas coming and their beloved daughter still missing the McCanns need all the support they can get, not this kind of miserable penny-pinching red tape.
It is a penny-pinching and inhumane policy, to put it mildly.
Changes in the incapacity benefit system are not penny-pinching, Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton insisted today.