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Synonyms for penny-pinching



Synonyms for penny-pinching

Synonyms for penny-pinching

extreme care in spending money

giving or spending with reluctance

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For penny-pinchers looking for a sale, check out Kmart's (NYSE: KM) new prices.
In reading their stories, one is tempted to think of these people as tedious penny-pinchers.
From Greider's perspective, a real achievement is now under attack from short-sighted penny-pinchers.
Scrooges and penny-pinchers are known to fall into the re-gifting trap.
For more call 0903 658 1005 (75p/min + network access charge) Gemini May 22-June 20 Some penny-pinchers, of which you are not one, may complain you are being mean today.
They deserve respect, thanks and a decent wage - not a kick in the teeth by short-sighted penny-pinchers.
Can he tell us when we will have a full time Defence Secretary who will devote his time entirely to fighting the corner for our soldiers against the penny-pinchers at the Treasury?
The moaners creating a fuss because they have found themselves out-of-pocket are all too often penny-pinchers who gambled on staying safe and lost.
But, in reality the Q7 is not a vehicle for penny-pinchers ( if you can afford the initial layout costs, the price of fuel is hardly going to cause you to lose sleep.
What's more, it appears the Welsh are the biggest penny-pinchers in the UK with 73% spending less than pounds 20 to decorate their home for the festivities.
They found five per cent of the population can be classed as hardened and hard-hearted penny-pinchers.
Southern Californians aren't penny-pinchers when it comes to philanthropy but they'd rather give money than their time, according to a poll released Monday.
The penny-pinchers who wanted a cut in the cut-price deal to New York were British Airways Gold Card regular travellers.
I don't recall the last occasion that a reader called to tell me the bins on their street were overflowing because the penny-pinchers at Huddersfield Town Hall did away with the weekly round.