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a stock selling for less that $1/share

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MANY penny stocks posted price depreciation on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) for the month of February, with Consolidated Hallmark emerging the worst performing stock in percentage terms.
He agreed to settle the charges and be barred from trading in penny stocks for the rest of his life.
The Securities and Exchange Commission brought fraud charges against 13 individuals allegedly involved in two Long Island-based cold calling scams that bilked more than 100 victims out of more than $10 million through high-pressure sales tactics and lies about penny stocks, the regulatory agency said on Wednesday.
The trio was able to push the price of the penny stocks as high as 1,800 percent.
The defendants also operated a so-called advance fee scheme, making false promises to investors to induce them to pay fees for non-existent services to sell their illiquid penny stock shares, according to the indictment.
Oppenheimer is also required to retain an independent consultant to conduct a comprehensive review of the adequacy of Oppenheimer's penny stock and AML policies, systems and procedures.
Along with this new messaging service, comes a platform that provides additional support to investors, particularly day traders in futures trading, stock options, stocks, penny stocks, online stocks as well as Forex trading.
Penny stocks can give you multiple returns but come with risks that you may do well to avoid
Mainstream Wall Street investment houses steer clear of the penny stock category, making reliable third-party investment advice and analysis hard to come by.
This lack of research on low-priced IPOs is surprising, given the prominent fraud and manipulation that existed in the 1980s that eventually led to the adoption of the Penny Stock Reform Act of 1990 (PSRA).
The Schwartzes liked it so much that they bought roughly 500 shares of what was then a penny stock.
But now, it's practically a penny stock, so being listed in the California instructional materials catalog could really help the company," Appert says.
With share prices edging toward penny stock ranges you would think the buying would have commenced by now.
Later that same year, in September of 1989, NASAA issued to the House of Representatives' Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance "The NASAA Report on Fraud and Abuse in the Penny Stock Industry.