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someone who is excessively careful with money (who pinches every penny before letting go of it)

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Hayes studied writing at UCLA and has authored numerous short fiction works for magazines including "Cover up," "Not a Penny Pincher," "Home," "Payment in Full," and "Small Wonder," as well as "Guided Through a Mine Field" and other scripts to CBS and other television production companies.
Earlier, on a modest card, Paul Carberry has double prospects for Noel Meade on Westhaven and veteran Aitmatov while Ironmill Lad, the mount of Katie Walsh, might improve sufficiently on a recent run behind Ms Penny Pincher in Roscommon to land the bumper.
Even more shocking is that it is being carried out by people who claim to be the heirs to the arch-monetarist and public spending penny pincher Margaret Thatcher.
Although she was one of the wealthiest women in Virginia, Mary was also a penny pincher of prodigious proportions, a combination social matriarch and entrepreneur, a sort of 16th-century Martha Stewart.
MOP-top singer Dickie Rock has insisted he is not a penny pincher - despite a claim from a bandmate that he's the meanest swinger in town.
Whether you're sporty or preppy, addicted to speed or passionate about side air bags, a big spender or a penny pincher, there is a car to fall in love with at the annual Greater Los Angeles Auto Show.
Penny pincher Chapman has once again told his manager that NO funds are available - because he doesn't want to drag the club into the red.
FORMER Blue Peter presenter Katy Hill likes to spend money on Porsches but she's a penny pincher when it comes to buying DVDs.
While an admitted penny pincher in running his business, Helmsley was generous to charity.
Their roles are defined mainly by equal-opportunity foibles - Kramer is a penny pincher who'll do anything for a buck, while Garner can't resist a tryst with any female who's willing.
FLICK AND JULIE: POP-UP PENNY PINCHERS July 24 Old Joint Stock Theatre Join Flick and Julie in their pop-up, one-stop, money-saving advice shop for an evening of comedy sketches and songs.
We wish to thank our wonderful sponsors who makes our dreams come true and inspire the nation to greatness, Fruit & Veg, Old Mutual, Manica, Penny Pinchers, Panel to Panel, Stephan Lofty Eaton Properties and a special thank you to Disability Sport Namibia who secured N$ 50 000.
To help with customers' moving adventures, Gerald Burt, owner of Penny Pinchers Flea Market, made the decision to further serve the local De Queen community by opening as a U-Haul dealer.
If the short-sighted penny pinchers at Cardiff council who have slashed funding for the Welsh Proms had cast a cloud over this year's event, the admirably determined and inspired conductor and Welsh Proms founder Owain Arwel Hughes soon banished it.
It invited the skinflint penny pinchers who think everything boils down to money to have a go at her.