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a child's coin bank (often shaped like a pig)

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Val said: "The property was used as a Penny Bank for the local miners to deposit their pennies.
Photo: Fantastic figures from folk art display include jaguar maskof lacquered wood with whiskers of porcupine quills, and pug-nosed dog of molded clay that once served as a penny bank.
Simply setting a penny bank on a desk does little to teach the true value of money.
It's reputed to be the first penny bank in England which was set up in 1815 by Charles Thorp.
A penny bank was opened at Coatham, Redcar in 1860 where people could deposit as little as a penny.
I have an old savings passbook of my father's from the Yorkshire Penny Bank, which offered a decent rate of interest.
In addition to the food and fun, kids will also enjoy balloons and a free photo with NBA's Penny Bank character (on-site between noon and 3:00 p.
The teacher would pay the class' money into their Yorkshire Penny Bank accounts and they would see the stamp on their pass books.
The 1901 building designed by James Garry in the French style on the right is the Yorkshire Penny Bank, founded in Halifax in 1859.
5 Morning Show will go to the various McDonald's locations and encourage people to drop their pennies in the custom-made penny bank.
Q: I have a Yorkshire Penny Bank book showing savings of half a crown, presented to me when I was six years old to mark the coronation of King George VI in 1937, and a Post Office Savings Bank book holding five shillings from 1954.
Next door was the Yorkshire Penny Bank in 1940 and is still the Yorkshire Bank today, at least some things don't change
But Anita says: "We began as the Penny Bank in Halifax and we have retained our Yorkshire identity.
The spire that is partly in the picture, along the left, is the Yorkshire Penny Bank on the corner of Wilson Street; it was demolished in 1980 to be replaced by the Yorkshire Bank.
JEAN HAIGH of Brockholes adds more memories about banking and The Yorkshire Penny Bank in the 1930s.