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an arcade with coin-operated devices for entertainment

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DONKEY rides and penny arcades will be brought to Rugby town centre in a bid to recreate the spirit of the seaside.
During the first six months of 2000, the Penny Arcades counted nearly $14.
The Penny Arcades are simple to use and located next to the teller counter at Commerce branches.
The new Penny Arcades are free of charge, unlike coin counting machines found in area grocery stores that charge a usage fee of up to nearly nine percent to count change.
Commerce's Penny Arcades are the latest addition to the bank's growing portfolio of popular services, which include seven-day branch banking, free checking with only a $100 minimum balance and one of the nation's most successful Internet banking sites.
The Penny Arcades expand our unique `America's Most Convenient Bank' strategy," said Commerce Chairman and President Vernon W Hill.
As a result of the increasing popularity of Commerce Bank's free Penny Arcade coin counting machines, the bank's inventory of coins is growing steadily.
At a time when many banks refuse to accept customers' coins, nearly 35,000 customers throughout New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and northern Delaware took advantage of the free Penny Arcade machines throughout July.
DONKEY rides and penny arcades will be brought to a Warwickshire town in a bid to recreate the spirit of the seaside.
The Penny Arcade is one of the most notable and unique ways which TD Bank has used to bring in deposits.
Aiding consumers to find fun in finance is a good angle TD Bank's Penny Arcade turns money into a game or challenge, and subtly keeps both existing and potential customers engaged with the brand.
The Penny arcade has proved one of the key innovative features of TD Bank responsible for bringing in deposits
TD Bank's Penny Arcade helps educate younger consumers face the fear and makes finance fun