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Synonyms for pennon

Synonyms for pennon

wing of a bird


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Banneret or bachelor, square pennon or forked, I would not give a denier for the difference, and the less since Sir John Chandos, chosen flower of English chivalry, is himself but a humble knight.
Rest awhile, and you shall come to the hall anon and tell us what is passing in France, for I have heard that it is likely that our pennons may flutter to the south of the great Spanish mountains ere another year be passed.
said Gringoire with a deep sigh; and he turned his back upon the bannerets and pennons.
In their hands they bore tall lances, from the tops of which fluttered pennons of many colors and devices.
Fluttering pennons streamed from five hundred lance points, and the gray banner of Torn, with the black falcon's wing, flew above each of the five companies.
In June 2015, the completed acquisition by Pennon Group plc (the owner of South West Water Limited) of Bournemouth Water Investments Limited (which operates Bournemouth Water) was referred for an automatic in-depth investigation.
Pennon said pre-tax profits, excluding one-off items, fell by 9.
Today, Earnings Review released its analysts' notes regarding Bankers Investment Trust PLC (LON: BNKR), Edinburgh Investment Trust PLC (LON: EDIN), PENNON GROUP (LON: PNN), STAGECOACH (LON: SGC) and United Utilities Group (LON: UU.
In other market news, Pennon Group, the FTSE 250 Index owner of South West Water Ltd and Viridor Ltd, reported its full-year results yesterday morning.
Pennon, which covers the storm-ravaged South West of England, says it's on course for a "strong financial performance" even though there has been widespread disruption.
Britain's other two remaining listed water companies Pennon Group and United Utilities also rose by 4.
The announcement pushed up the value of other UK utilities including Pennon Group and United Utilities, on speculation other bidders may be attracted by the stable, low-risk returns backed by assets that they offer.
PENNON has signed a 25 year public private partnership (PPP) contract with the South London Waste Partnership.
Pennon Group, the water company based in Devon, won the Sustainability Award, sponsored by PwC.