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a small flashlight resembling a fountain pen

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Many nurses start assessing neurologic function by pulling out their penlight and checking the patient's pupils.
Electrons flow from zinc to the mystery element, creating an electric current in small devices like watches, calculators, and penlights.
Types of basic equipment and medical devices include: CPR shields and other personal protective equipment (such as gloves), blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes, thermometers, bag-valve masks, splints, penlights, wound care supplies, bronchial inhalers (prescription only), EpiPens (prescription only), ice bags, oral fluids for hydration, sterile water for irrigation, ice and cooling tubs for heat emergencies.
Browning offers a staggering array of flashlights, headlamps, penlights, spotlights, clip-on-your-hat lights, and you-name-it lights, all proudly marked Browning, and reflecting their traditional quality control.
We are entirely ready to remove all of these defects of character, as well as pens, penlights and notepads.
EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES At a minimum, each team of students needs stethoscopes, penlights, immunization schedules, a drug book, gloves, and a sphygmomanometer.
The problem with conventional AA- or AAA-powered penlights or headlamps is that they're heavy and the batteries run down quickly--leaving you in the dark right in the middle of a project.
During the ''Peace Candle'' event, about 2,000 people surrounded the A-bomb dome in the park and after silent prayers lit up the dome with green penlights.
Branded items accounted for 90% of pocket reference books, 85% of calipers, 79% of pens, 70% of information cards, 55% of stethoscope tags, and 45% of penlights.
Likewise, bonus packs for back to school -- with everything from calculators to penlights -- are also widely used to give consumers more bang for the buck.
Nineteen of the 24 used otoscopes for transillumination, four used penlights, and one used a special transilluminator.
Most laser penlights are classified type 3A and carry the following warning: "Danger -- Laser Light.