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showing remorse

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Vegetables are taken with reluctance, or penitentially, or not at all.
However, even here confrontation was followed by retraction, with Buchanan penitentially dedicating to his 'Old Enemy' God and Man, a historical romance teaching the 'vanity and folly' of hatred.
The tradition of affective piety informing Constable's text results in a devotional and interpretive experience that is distinct from Southwell's more penitentially orientated poem.
It unfolds in elemental sounds over a penitentially measured tread, and in its concise ten minutes packs a huge emotional punch.
Some incubus of anxiety seems to haunt this work, and its author seems driven as if penitentially to use the word 'discursive' in every other sentence: 'If Gothic writing is a discourse in the sense of a language ranging over, the Gothic aesthetic is its discursive point of departure, a field of power/knowledge setting off the worried movement, the text that creates texture.