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Synonyms for penitential

feeling or expressing regret for one's sins or misdeeds

Synonyms for penitential

showing or constituting penance


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Before the press conference, all 11 members of the bishops' conference, representatives of the religious superiors group, and a delegation of victims gathered at Valere Basilica in Sion for a penitential service.
Catholic bishops reaffirmed the importance of keeping Friday a day of penitential observance, but released Catholics from the traditional law of abstaining from meat under pain of sin.
Hirschfeld argues that the resulting shock waves were felt not only in theology and penitential practice but in other fields where satisfaction played a role.
Reformation anthropology, however, rejected human cooperation with the divine in this capacity, and consequently denied satisfactory value to penitential acts.
Some of the most profound music of the Christian faith has been written for the penitential season of Lent, which started Wednesday and ends on Easter, April 5.
To help the Church bear this heavy burden, I propose that she rediscover one of her venerable traditions--praying the penitential psalms.
1) The initial conversation between Leontes and Camillo demonstrates that Shakespeare's theological vision in the play is rooted in a modified form of traditional penitential practices.
A spokesman said: "This event is organised by the local communities adjacent to each of our principal penitential routes and is aimed at raising awareness of Ireland's rich inheritance of pilgrim paths.
Lent is almost here and people will soon need to find ways to observe the 40-day penitential season.
Penitential service Tuesday December 17: 7pm Sacred Heart with visiting priests.
conditions, but the head of the penitential did not allow him to visit then, though parliamentarians have a right to enter pre-trial detention
The editors conclude that the text was not simply conceived as a translation of Theodoran material, but represented an attempt at reshaping earlier penitential material to suit a different context, hinting at a possible Alfredian context for the translation.
Papers are also welcome that investigate literary depictions of paradise's dark opposite, hell, and its penitential proving grounds, purgatory.
They cover dualism in the war texts, looking for sapiential dualism, another look at dualism, the Treatise on the Two Spirits and the literary history of the Rule of the Community, who and what did the Yahad not want to be, light and darkness in the Treatise on the Two Spirits and in 34Q186, and dualism and penitential prayer in the Rule of the Community.
A penitential season marked by prayer, fasting and abstinence.