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126) While Thomas Aquinas sees the whole penitential process more as spiritual healing than as a judicial act of a judge, he also retained the judicial character of the priestly act,(127) though it is not a significant concern in the Summa.
The aim of the series was to publish essays exploring the origins, development, and impact of the Second Temple penitential prayer tradition, the subject of important recent scholarly work.
The volume concludes with an enumeration of the revisions that will be necessary in the traditional historiography of indulgences and the pre-Reformation penitential practice, which Shaffern suggests in light of his research from original medieval sources.
Lent is the 40 day period from Ash Wednesday to Easter when Christians promise to fast, to give alms to the poor, to abstain from treats and festivities, to devote more time to prayer and religious study, and to perform other penitential and charitable acts.
While the hymn tunes vary in mood and character, ranging from the penitential "Deep River" to the celebratory "Go Tell It On The Mountain," each work is also given a descriptive formal designation: "Scherzetto, Jubilation, Cortege" and so forth, a welcome assist in service planning and at the same time reinforcing the rich essence of its sonic spectrum.
In the second scene, Hamlet listens to Claudius's penitential prayer and becomes, as Mark Thornton Burnett notes, "an unpunctual but unconsoling father confessor.
She captures in a telling vignette toward the end of her book the complex relationship between the deeply ascetic generation of women who experienced the French wars of religion and their daughters who were less given to penitential mortifications of the flesh and more inclined toward charitable service.
But the first day of Lent--a Sunday--was already full, with Eucharist, a penitential procession through the city, and the rite of election for those to be baptized.
Senator Hannifin said that while the Church must respond in a legal and public way (to the Ferns report), it must also respond in a penitential way," said Sen Hayes.
By contrast, a penitential justice aims at reforming the guilty and making them once again part of the whole body politic.
The unique ceremony - properly called a Penitential Service - might become an annual event.
The adagio movement was gloriously penitential, highly appropriate for Lent in a cathedral.
THE projected fourth day of the National Hunt Festival presents an additional problem to those attempting to observe the penitential season of Lent.
For instance, note 10 on page 233 states that Lasso's Penitential Psalms were composed as a set of seven works, to which the psalm-motet "Laudate Dominum de caelis" was added only when the cycle was first published in 1584.