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genus of fungi commonly growing as green or blue molds on decaying food

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Penicilliummarneffei: an insurgent species among the Penicillia.
Novel use of the isoepoxydon dehydrogenase gene probe of the patulin metabolic pathway and chromatography to test penicillia isolated from apple production systems for the potential to contaminate apple juice with patulin.
In general Aspergilli occur more commonly in warmer regions while Penicillia are more frequent in colder climates [21].
A convenient method for assessing mycotoxin production in cultures of Aspergilli and Penicillia.
A reappraisal of the Terverticillate penicillia using biochemical, physiological and morphological features.
Classical morphological characterization: For penicillia and aspergilli, this technique requires purifying and subculturing of the organisms on specialized media for seven to 14 days, followed by microscopic examination by a trained mycologist.
Barkai-Golan R, Mirelman D, Sharon N (1978) Studies on growth inhibition by lectins of Penicillia and aspergilli.
The mould turned out to belong to a group known as the penicillia and was able to produce a substance that even at very low concentrations had the power to destroy many disease-causing bacteria.