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with ability to see into deeply

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The legal and judicial system described so penetratingly in 'Relations' thus defies the principle that rules of precedent derive from appellate structures.
Nietzsche does, however, deal penetratingly with subjects that cannot be ignored by any more-than-superficial pedagogy.
In one such scene, where women have gathered outside the City Commissioner's mansion to protest these evictions, a poor woman asks the filmmaker a penetratingly troubling question about filmmaking.
In consequence, if as Derrida penetratingly remarks, 'to forgive is not to forget, above all not to forget' (Derrida 2002, p.
I suspect the reason is that conformity clouds the clear vision necessary to write penetratingly about the human soul and about society.
Chodorow's argument enabled us to think more penetratingly about the psychological roots and socio-cultural effects of women's intimacies; it also reminded me of one of Fuller's arresting manuscript fictions, in which she casts herself as a boy who suffers the early death of his unfulfilled mother and dreams of how he might have saved her by nourishing her heart and mind.
For this man saw all the sublime and loftiest cultural wealth present in the German people more penetratingly and with a more embracing heart than even many Germans do.
Arthur Krock, he, too, of The New York Times, penetratingly covered the politics surrounding the Hughes Court and the Court-packing controversy, and syndicated columnist Drew Pearson, sort of the Bob Woodward of his day, who provided his readers with the ongoing doings--including some of the internal intrigue--of the Nine Old Men.
For Eliane Cantanhede, a Brazilian political commentator known for penetratingly humorous observations in the Folha de S.
The narrator's penetratingly satirical story centers on his small family coming together and being ripped apart by a global economic and cultural collapse that triggers a second American civil war, setting up the events that ultimately result in the Dante Thompson and his adopted sister Sylvia orchestrating and carrying out an explosive, blood-gushingly violent retribution for the tragic and untimely deaths of their heroic father and former nation.
Upon its seemingly plywood ground, paint marks, stamps and drawing elements read as a penetratingly deconstructed abstract painting by Miro, a tribute by a like-minded surrealist several generations removed.
Few birds are so dramatically beautiful, or can bring the exquisite delicacy of flight so close to us, or can look at us so penetratingly, eye to eye.
In modern idiom, we could also say "thought," but intellection conveys through its etymology (from the Latin intuslegere) what it is that sets it apart from sensation: only thought can penetratingly read (legere) into (intus) the nature of a thing.
In History and Class Consciousness (1923) he takes up again the issues of economic quantification and scientific rationality, which were penetratingly detected and defined by thinkers such as Ferdinand Tonnies and Georg Simmel.