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Synonyms for penetrating

Synonyms for penetrating

possessing or displaying perceptions of great accuracy and sensitivity

Synonyms for penetrating

having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions

tending to penetrate


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Compared to unpowered kinetic energy tank rounds that slow down and lose penetrating power to aerodynamic drag, a scramjet powered round could sustain its tank-penetrating power over longer ranges, or enable a smaller, lighter gun to achieve the same result.
Timing fuel combustion to the desired flight profile makes it possible to sustain the kinetic energy and penetrating power of tank rounds at extended ranges in direct-fire applications.
For all its wondrous speed and penetrating power, so essential in much of today's research, the CCD has a way to go to match the spacious aesthetics of an exquisite photographic image -- a quality Edward Weston and Ansel Adams knew so well.
At most, the heavy shaft will possess 5 percent or 6 percent more penetrating power.
X-rays, because of their extremely short wavelengths and great penetrating power, are extremely difficult to reflect, particularly inthe specular or near-perpendicular mode.
Tests confirm that Helix-D's exclusive, patented “nano-water” technology provide almost twice the skin penetrating power (74%) compared to creams and serums.
Tough as they come and fieldpoint accurate, the Nitron's Diamized-sharpened surgical steel blades team with a one-piece hard end and tempered steel ferrule and bone splitting Trivex point to deliver massive penetrating power.
This accounted for the electric charge of the alpha particle and, thanks to its subatomic size, for its penetrating power.
At most, the heavy shaft will possess five or six percent more penetrating power.
1 GHz frequencies used in the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) services so far deployed (all outside North America), the penetrating power of the signal through the so-called "first wall" is sharply reduced.
A specially designed ultrasonic pulser-receiver allows a wide range of applications-from those requiring delicate high-resolution setups, to difficult applications requiring hefty penetrating power and high sensitivity.
Sandia is advancing a novel plating and molding technology that uses the penetrating power of synchrotron radiation.