penetrating injury

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injury incurred when an object (as a knife or bullet or shrapnel) penetrates into the body

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Sympathetic ophthalmitis is a rare ocular inflammatory condition where a penetrating injury or intra-ocular surgery to one eye predisposes the other, uninjured, eye to vision loss.
We only had one penetrating injury, a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the face, during this time.
Retention of a foreign body in the heart or great vessels may be due to direct penetrating injury or embolism.
The term penetrating injury refers to an injury where there is only an entrance wound.
Penetrating injury of the soft palate during glidescope intubation.
She had been closely watched at home, and she had not yet started standing or walking, so it is unlikely that she suffered a classic transoral penetrating injury.
Dr Andrew Davison conducted a post-mortem examination and concluded thatMrMarsh died of a penetrating injury to the chest involving the heart.
John suffered a compound fracture in his left leg, severed muscles in his right leg, serious head injuries and a penetrating injury to his right eye.
Later in summer 2004, further veterinary attention from Erik Belloy MRCVS (equine veterinary surgeon) and Geoffrey Lane FRCVS (RCVS Recognised Specialist in equine soft tissue surgery) confirmed that Toby had an upper respiratory problem and that his vocal cords were damaged, likely due to a previous deep penetrating injury to his neck.
After a short physical examination revealed a penetrating injury of the abdomen, patients were transported to the operating room.
Penetrating injury of the skull historically has been used as a punishment for criminals and more recently has been reported as a self-injury in patients with underlying psychiatric disturbances.
Miss Woolley, 39, said such a penetrating injury was not rare but that the mechanism leading up tothe injury - and the fact he kept his eye - was "amazing".
We expect that with a larger set of data, especially with more victims of penetrating injury, it would be possible to demonstrate more of an effect from physiologic variables on early mortality.
The risk of needle puncture or other penetrating injury during autopsy is well documented.
InVivo has requested designation for the use of its biopolymer scaffolding in the treatment of complete functional spinal cord injuries that do not involve penetrating injury or the complete severing of the spinal cord.