penalty box

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(ice hockey) an enclosed bench to the side of an ice-hockey rink for players who are serving time penalties

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However nine minutes from time the referee awarded New Pot Oil a penalty that even their supporters acknowledged was a travesty - the attacker had tripped over in the penalty box.
Early in the second period, the Vipers wasted another five on three powerplay opportunity when Munn and Hewitt shared the home penalty box for a minute and two seconds for holding the stick and tripping respectively.
We have to adapt to the new rules and stay out of the penalty box.
I'm the tough guy on the ice, the one who doesn't score goals or have any assists but spends a lot of time in the penalty box.
They also told me I would have to pay the rate for six consecutive months before escaping the penalty box and getting back to the normal 12 percent.
Jason Bowen joined his coach in the penalty box, both being handed ten-minute misconduct penalties.
Arsenal v Real Madrid specials: 13-8 Arsenal clean sheet, 2 Real Madrid clean sheet, 5 Arsenal score a penalty, Real Madrid score a penalty, 8 Henry to score from outside penalty box, Real Madrid to win both halves, 12 Ronaldo to score from outside penalty box, Zidane to score from outside penalty box.
Five minutes later AC Milan star Kaka took possession just outside the penalty box to curl the ball into the keeper's top left-hand corner.
Neil Jenkins sent over a neat cross from the left-hand side of the penalty box which was eclipsed by Burton's emphatic finish from 10 yards.
Andy Lawson floated a 40-yard free-kick in the penalty box and the ball eluded everyone to skid into the net off a post.
The Shrews resilient defence had recovered from three early escapes and victory looked assured when Ian Woan cashed in on a series of defensive errors in the Macclesfield penalty box to double the advantage after 63 minutes.
He is expected to receive the ball from outside the penalty box, single handedly, get past defenders and score.
On throw-ins Kim adds this funky gymnastics move to gather momentum as she throws the ball into the opponent's penalty box.
The play always begins with the serve from outside of the penalty box.
Moving an abusive student to the Penalty Box requires a simple "point-and-click" on the centralized NetSight Policy Manager, and can be controlled remotely from IT Operations or the security desk.