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While nail avulsion with penalization could be considered in severe involvement i.
Penalization of a human activity has to be justified.
The second focuses on the difficulty literature faces in representing reality as a whole and on a resolution of crime that is not achieved through penalization (1).
While Pakistan has not been able to meet this deadline the penalization has yet to be invoked.
There is no penalization or monthly charge,'' she said.
The Minister maintained that tampering with the safety of the state was a crime undermining the national feeling and fomenting sectarian strife, confirming that such charges are subject to penalization.
Protestors chanted slogans against the killings demanding arrest, conviction, and penalization of the culprits.
The surveys underlying the Corruption Perception Index score for Afghanistan measure expert perceptions on prosecution and penalization of public officeholders who abuse their positions," the MEC said in a statement.
Francois Hollande should keep his campaign promise concerning the penalization of the Armenian Genocide denial.
Currently, organizations are being held accountable for the reporting of quality measures, but it will not be long until the quality measures themselves and the improvements achieved are the basis of accountability and reward or penalization.
The club has been slapped with a 1 million yuan fine ($160,000), stripped of its 2003 championship title, and will start in the Chinese Super League (the nation's top division, comparable to the English Premier League) with a six-point penalization.
One pending example in 2013 is penalization for higher than average 30-day re-admission rates for specific high-cost conditions such as heart failure.
This "criminal ecology" is a self-perpetuating system that is characterized by ineffective state intervention, weak regulation and penalization, and high levels of political and economic leverage by nonstate actors.
Our findings on the penalization of attractive women contradict current literature on beauty that associates attractiveness, male and female alike, with almost every conceivable positive trait and disposition," explain the authors.