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Assessing punitive damages against the innocent heirs lacks the requisite clear connection between the penalty and the social benefit, thereby reducing the psychological appeal of penalization.
Since corruption is the violation of the impartial rules of a bureaucracy, the penalization of corruption can be measured by three indicators: general public perceptions of the corruption in each institution; the percentage of interviewees that have provided bribes to the institution's public officials during the past year; and the presence of institutional mechanisms that actually discipline public officials when they abuse their office.
BEIRUT: Syria's parliament has enacted law that halts the penalization of military sponsors of their comrades who have deserted, state news agency SANA said Wednesday.
Led by shia leader Maulana Amin Shaheedi, the protestors were demanding end to target-killings and sectarian attacks in the city, demanding arrest, conviction and penalization of the culprits.
The surveys underlying the Corruption Perception Index score for Afghanistan measure expert perceptions on prosecution and penalization of public officeholders who abuse their positions," the MEC said in a statement.
Currently, organizations are being held accountable for the reporting of quality measures, but it will not be long until the quality measures themselves and the improvements achieved are the basis of accountability and reward or penalization.
Thus it is only caused by the parameter penalization of the [MC.
The club has been slapped with a 1 million yuan fine ($160,000), stripped of its 2003 championship title, and will start in the Chinese Super League (the nation's top division, comparable to the English Premier League) with a six-point penalization.
One pending example in 2013 is penalization for higher than average 30-day re-admission rates for specific high-cost conditions such as heart failure.
These additional flow losses penalized the coil capacity and COP of the systems during the TXV optimization tests and for DR-5 at A-test conditions the penalization in COP and capacity was measurable (see Figure 2 DR-5 at A).
For the SIMP approach the penalization is achieved by the following power law:
This "criminal ecology" is a self-perpetuating system that is characterized by ineffective state intervention, weak regulation and penalization, and high levels of political and economic leverage by nonstate actors.
In response, many web marketing specialists aren't sure what to do next; especially if they'd once followed formulas that now lead to penalization.
SIXTH: The Cabinet endorsed a bill of motion submitted from the House of Representatives regarding the government's formation of an ad hoc committee to consider crimes committed or created via the use of modern electronic telecommunications devices in defaming the Kingdom of Bahrain and finding immediate resolutions and remedies and penalization of offenders.