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Harassed by English officials, suffering the imposition of English laws, having to endure the penalisation of Catholics, and beset by plotters seeking to implicate him as traitor, O'Neill could take no more.
Any penalisation will mean the farmer will get a 50 cent premium but not the additional 50 cent Woolworth premium.
SCDI chief executive Ross Martin, said: "We are calling for the Chancellor to end, at long last, the penalisation of Scotch whisky through duty rises, and take further steps to support this important sector.
Tim Leicester, of the medical charity Medicins du Monde, added: "Client penalisation won't change anything for prostitutes.
The Marriage Foundation says: "It is indefensible that parents who are in committed, stable relationships should face significant penalties for staying together, to the extent that some pretend to be separated in order to avoid penalisation.
Pour leur part, les quotidiens neerlandais s'interessent au plan gouvernemental visant la penalisation de l'immigration clandestine et notamment au debat au sein du parti travailliste (PvdA), dont la base s'est elevee contre la mesure avant de se retracter apres la promesse du chef de file d'introduire des conditions pour la rendre plus +humaine+.
uk, has welcomed the news that search engine giant Google will begin to roll out ranking penalisation on badly performing merchant websites in late 2013.
For example, the original poll tax trialling, compounded by payback penalisation for generational Labour loyalties and assisted by inept local Labour incapable of avoiding obvious central government plots and ploys always to our detriment, guaranteed to continue simply because we shrug, moan then accept.
Les formateurs des generations ont des doleances precises dans leur agenda : un veritable [beaucoup moins que]cadre[beaucoup plus grand que], soit un Salaire minimum interprofessionnel de croissance (SMIC) estime a 1 500 LE, la penalisation des lecons particulieres et la reprise de la nomination des diplomes de la faculte pedagogique.
I presented a speech to Parliament supporting the NFU's fight to prevent compulsory EID for cattle and reject the penalisation of farmers who wish to retain the current UK system.
Japan's securities regulator has sought penalisation for the Japanese units of Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) and UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) (ZHR: UBSN) (UBSN.
Several of the world's top oil companies and trading houses have already curbed sales to preempt potential penalisation of their U.
The same factor has also led to the penalisation of many countries; eg.
In Nicaragua, penalisation of sexual relations between people of the same sex was repealed.