penal facility

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an institution where persons are confined for punishment and to protect the public

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First, it served as a holding pen for persons in liminal positions in the penal system, for example those already sentenced and en route from one penal facility to another or foreigners accused of crimes and waiting to be deported.
Is it going to take a major catastrophe at a penal facility to make us realize we are overdue for a jail expansion?
Finally, any state that fails to certify that it has adopted and is in full compliance with the national standards could lose up to 5 percent of its grant funds, while any penal facility accreditation organizations that fail to adopt accreditation standards for the detection, prevention, reduction and punishment of prison rape will be excluded from receiving federal grants.
Inmates who have been granted the right to work outside the penal facility are housed separately from other inmates.
The Medical College is also linked to seven correctional facilities so examinations can be conducted without the inmates having to leave the penal facility.
According to the penal code, settlement colonies are a kind of penal facility executing the punishment of imprisonment.
In this volume, each author has written concise articles on the many aspects of penal facility administration.