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the writing point of a pen


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It also gives visitors the chance to get hands on experience, including writing using a host of different implements and to make their own pen nib using original machinery.
When I had a closer look there was black ink round it and now I think it was a pen nib.
The museum enables you to learn about all manner of pen nibs.
WITH silver pen nib earrings glistening in the sun streaming through the windows of a Newcastle hotel, Chelsea Cain looks every bit the best selling author she is, but the calm exterior hides a mind sharper than any scalpel wielded by her serial killer creation Gretchen Lowell, the so-called Beauty Killer.
Dennis Elwell, 49, told shocked workmates he had taken poison as he started his shift at a pen nib factory.
We put paper towels underneath the ink bottles and I gave each student a piece of scrap paper to test the pen nib after each dipping in the ink well before applying it to their drawing.
Other companies have tried defining the position movements of the pen nib and, through software algorithms and intensive processing, converting these into digital text.
Design B features a steel pen nib for which Birmingham was the centre of world manufacture in the Jewellery Quarter.
Birmingham's pen nib manufacturing industry grew up around the Jewellery Quarter in the 19th century and went on to become renowned everywhere, employing around 8,000 people in the city - until the arrival of the ball point pen killed it off.
The Dragon 2010 Bruce Lee" limited edition series has been distinguished from the 1995 release by a change in the design of the pocket clip, a new color, the detail of the Dragon's tail on the pen barrel, the fountain pen nib and the top of the cap.
We stopped writing, placing our pens in the groove along the top of the desk with the wet pen nib over the inkwell.
You'll Never Hook A Haddock With A Pen Nib, Tom Hadaway Festival, Live Theatre, Newcastle (until Sunday) - 0191 232-1232.
Mr Jones reveals that most of the people who toiled in the pen nib trade were themselves illiterate, with no attempts to educate the workforce made by bosses.