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lean dried meat pounded fine and mixed with melted fat


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He had only 120 pounds of pemmican to share among his party and two sled dogs.
As a staple and trade item they produced pemmican, a dried meat mixed with berries.
Its principal brands include Slim Jim, Penrose, Rough Cut, and Pemmican meat snacks and Andy Capp's grain snacks.
This was in the form of pemmican, a highly nutritious staple that was easy to transport and which kept indefinitely.
They established a nonprofit organization called Pemmican Publications and, with funding from the grant, were able to hire writers and artists to create books and learning materials about the Metis (Loewen, 1988, p.
Consistent with plans announced in February concerning the sale, the company confirmed that it will retain the Hebrew National brand and products, Brown 'N Serve frozen sausage, as well as its Slim Jim and Pemmican meat snacks because of their strong brand equities, fit and growth potential within the company's overall portfolio.
based manufacturer of Pemmican Beef Jerky, has partnered with Operation Gratitude to donate a minimum of $100,000 worth of Pemmican Beef Jerky to deployed U.
SAO PAULO, Brazil, July 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Marfrig Group (Bovespa: MRFG3), one of the largest producers of beef and beef by-products in Latin America, announced today that it has acquired the Pemmican beef jerky brand and related production equipment from ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Joe McLellan and his wife, Matrine have recently recorded a collection of stories and songs called Nanabosho and Friends: Stories produced by Pemmican Publications.
In addition to Slim Jim, GoodMark's meat snacks line includes Pemmican, RoughCut and Penrose.
I made pemmican from dried moose meat, tallow and chokecherries and served up ducks and beaver.
in English from UCLA, has been publishing poetry in literary journals for well over twenty years, appearing in Response, California Quarterly, and Pemmican.
Pemmican was made by combining equal parts of buffalo fat, dried deer meat or other game, and dried fruit such as berries, plums, or cherries.
ConAgra plans to retain its Healthy Choice, Hebrew National, Brown 'N Serve, Slim Jim, and Pemmican brands.
Shoppers around the country were rewarded with checks for $1,000 for buying Pemmican Brand Beef Jerky as part of a promotion sponsored by the brand's manufacturer, Taylor, Mich.