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the structure of the vertebrate skeleton supporting the lower limbs in humans and the hind limbs or corresponding parts in other vertebrates

a structure shaped like a funnel in the outlet of the kidney into which urine is discharged before passing into the ureter

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The foreign body in the pelvis of our patient most probably migrated from the pelvis to the inferior vena cava and from there to the right atrium and right ventricle, from where it entered the left pulmonary artery to the pulmonary circulation loop.
He remains in hospital after undergoing surgery on his pelvis.
14 Science, the researchers say that the new pelvis challenges a proposal that both sexes of H.
To sit solidly on a bench or chair, the body must be supported by the sit bones, which are the small "rockers" at the bottom of the pelvis.
The atypical aspect of this case is that our patient was a female nonsmoker with a relatively small laryngeal tumor who developed late metastatic dissemination to the brain, lungs, and pelvis.
50 and claims that being in the bumpy ambulance has aggravated her pelvis condition and left her unable to walk.
The pelvis, known to be the source, the core of mobility and power, is held still.
Called the Jinniushan specimen, the extensive remains include a skull with lots of teeth on its upper jaw, six vertebrae (spine bones), two left ribs, a left-forearm bone, and the left half of the pelvis.
Aspartame-fed females showed significant evidence of lymphomas/leukemias and of carcinomas of the renal pelvis and ureter.
Her pelvis was crushed, and she had been impaled by wreckage through the abdominal and pelvic areas.
When you have an anteriorly tilted pelvis (increased lumbar lordosis or arching), your hamstrings are over-lengthened and "tight" while your quadriceps and hip flexors are short and tight.
Its shaped design, combined with ROHO's easy to adjust ISOFLO[R] Memory Control[TM] Unit positions the user's pelvis back in the wheelchair and centers the user in the seat.
The girlfriend of England footballer Michael Owen is in hospital after fracturing her pelvis in a riding accident, it emerged yesterday.
MICHAEL OWEN'S girlfriend has broken her pelvis in a horse-riding accident.