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a thrower of missiles

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Pelter describes a number of additional factors beyond price that travelers may wish to consider when booking their travel itinerary and explains how certain changes in the industry can play a significant role in the decision process.
SUNDERLAND RESERVES: Carson, Wright, M'voto, Pelter (Donoghue 46), Dennehy, Weir, J.
The celebration was hosted by their children - son Bill and daughter-in-law Maureen Pelter; son Mark Pelter and his fiancee, Bronwyn Falcona; daughter Madeline and son-in-law La Mont Simonaro - and grandsons Justin West and James Simonaro.
SYMPATHISERS of the stone- pelters in Kashmir have taken their fight from the streets of Srinagar to the cyberspace by launching community groups on Facebook.
ANI): Jammu and Kashmir police here on Sunday arrested 17 stone pelters, wanted in different cases of mob violence from different parts of the Srinagar city.
17 (ANI): Police in Kupwara sector of Jammu and Kashmir arrested a wanted stone pelter on Tuesday while raiding a house in Trehgam area.
Restorer Richard Pelter said: "The paintings had a lot of surface damage from smoke from the fireplace and the water so they had to be thoroughly cleaned and then restored.
RICHARD BRITTAIN insists being player-boss at Brora doesn't stop him from taking pelters from his team-mates when he's not pulling his weight.
When something goes wrong, you get pelters so "I'll have to accept that.
The 35 stone pelters who would continue to be in different prisons in the state under public safety act (PSA) would also be released as soon as the situation improves in the state.
In a throwback to the turbulent Nineties, the police and paramilitary forces cordoned off Bemina, rounded up its residents and picked up 40 of them after informers identified them as stone pelters.
The dressing room banter has been there from day one and when I first came in and started learning the ropes I had to take some pelters.
I'VE had pelters from Motherwell fans for last week's column about tragic footballer Phil O'Donnell.
What would be a huge help is if they give it pelters when Ronnie Browne from the Corries leads them in the singing of Flower of Scotland
The outfits of former FMs only got a mention when they got pelters.