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a decorative framework to conceal curtain fixtures at the top of a window casing

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Choosing a contrasting colour can introduce interest, while switching from gathered or detailed pelmets to a smooth, featureless pelmet track can also update the look from traditional to contemporary.
lt;BSimply removing fussy tie backs and pelmets, can transform the look of a room
Promoter Paul Downie of Pelmet Nites and blogger Jason the Pop Cop will meet Culture Secretary Ed Vaizey and Radio One controller Ben Copper.
ALL punters are officially excused today's outing to the Pelmet Land winter sale, or similar horrors, because the horn of duty is honking - Aston Villa must be backed at Arsenal.
For a traditional look, use the same fabric as the main curtain for your pelmet.
Her husband, Coldplay's Chris Martin, wasn't there, just as he was absent when she appeared in London wearing vertiginous, attention-seeking heels and a pelmet for a skirt.
GOOD point of the week - Sally Webster to daughter Rosie about her belt of a skirt: "It's not a skirt, it's a pelmet.
The drama spans the length of the war and Elspeth Dales, as Hetty Oak, and Lorna Spencer, as Flora Pelmet, take the principal roles of the group's organisers.
Then, to add that tropical touch, I designed an African-style pelmet to go along the top, made out of MDF and spray painted dark brown to look like mahogany.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement And Installation Of Zebra Blinds With Metallic Rollers And Metallic Pelmet At Officers Mess And Other Offices At Ins Zamorin Ezhimala
Hot on Ms Lumley's kitten heels pants Tory MP Robert Graham, reckoning that pelmet skirts and vertiginous heels aid rapists because "women can't run away fast in them".
I'd advocate simple and practical pinch pleat curtains with a box pelmet.
As reported, Mr Major was standing on a ladder when a lighting pelmet fell and he fell three metres suffering serious head injuries, the court was told.
I am looking for a waterproof one with a heavy patterned net and an attached pelmet.