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Synonyms for pellucid

admitting light so that objects beyond can be seen

Synonyms for pellucid

transmitting light

(of language) transparently clear

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Immunogold study on lectin binding in the porcine zona pellucid and granulosa cells.
What often matters is not so much the thing itself, but the way Baker sees it and makes that seeing come across so cleanly in pellucid prose, lightly tinted with his own dry and distinctive wit.
While Justice Kennedy's opinion in Lawrence is not always entirely pellucid about its doctrinal reasoning, and admittedly never uses the phrase "intimate association," the opinion repeatedly emphasizes that the core of the problem with statutes banning sodomy is that they "do seek to control a personal relationship that, whether or not entitled to formal recognition in the law, is within the liberty of persons to choose without being punished as criminals.
Average Golfer Non-Golfer Purchased 3+ business suits in past year 243 83 Smoke cigars 187 89 Drink beer 152 94 Drink whiskey 158 93 Drink Alchoho 158 93 Take 7+ roundtrip flights 288 97 Spent $ 5,000+ on domestic trips 624 89 Take cruises 212 98 10+ stock transactions 264 81 Own transactions $ 25,000+ in stock 267 81 Take foreign business trips 219 86 Own a vacation/weekend home 181 95 Purchase/lease an SUV 145 95 Spent $1000 on fine jewelery in past year 166 92 Sources: National Golf Foundation, NGCOA-Golf 20/20, Pellucid Corp.
Kowalskis pre-operative conditions, such as cornea disease and Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD), the presence of which were contraindications to LASIK surgery.
Using NCVM (non-conductive vapor metallization) technology, an innovative coating process that produces a colorful metallic veneer, LG Aurora notebooks have a pellucid, glossy exterior that provide scratch resistance and a strengthened cover.
The high adoption rate of ClearKone demonstrates that SynergEyes has successfully developed a hybrid contact lens that fits a broad spectrum of patients with irregular corneas, including emerging to advanced keratoconus; central, oval and decentered cones; RK, PRK and LASIK-induced ectasia; patients that have undergone Corneal Collagen Crosslinking or Intacs placement; and depending on the specifics of the case, globus keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration.
1999), when scrutinizing dunning letters sent to debtors by collection agencies: "Unsophisticated readers may require more explanation than do federal judges; what seems pellucid to a judge, a legally sophisticated reader, may be opaque to someone whose formal education ended after the sixth grade.
Although it seems that we all have a general understanding of monasticism, this topic has rarely entered scholarly studies in such a pellucid way.
Compare the pellucid Boolean logic with the obscurities of the Aristotelian logic it supplanted.
Takeyh's pellucid work is crucial in understanding the machinations of contemporary Middle Eastern politics.
Krishna Winston's pellucid translation of Don Juan is a visual patchwork; the eye is beguiled by the "glow of the poplar-fluff tufts," the "mica sand glitter[ing] in the fishless rill," the "clay with marl with rock outcroppings with taproots with basket roots, sulfur yellow with brick red with salt gray with coal black.
The nectaries are irregularly oval or circular, pellucid to yellowish areas in the lamina, and in very young leaves secrete a viscous, sweet, sometimes bad smelling liquid.
In fewer than 100 pages, Anderson, an elegant, pellucid writer, outlines the strengths and potential vulnerabilities of federal fiscal arrangements, expenditure models, tax regimes and intergovernmental transfer models, concluding with useful chapters on broader economic management and wider institutional matters in federations.
Exactly what kind of postcar world might arise in North America remains less than pellucid.