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Synonyms for pellucid

admitting light so that objects beyond can be seen

Synonyms for pellucid

transmitting light

(of language) transparently clear

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Pellucid marginal degeneration treated by lamellar & penetrating keratoplasty.
In all species analyzed, the pellucid zone consists of two layers with a thickness, in the vitellogenic oocytes, varying between 3.
Corneal collagen cross-linking with riboflavin and UVA irradiation in pellucid marginal degeneration.
It is a place of balletic movement, of lights and darks shifting like leaves in sunlight, of pulsating sunsets contained in pellucid bags.
Bontia daphnoides is a small tree to 5 m tall, with pellucid gland dots that correspond to resiniferous cavities in both vegetative and reproductive organs.
But the performance never really took off, Cho dutiful in delivery, always efficient, fluid in passagework, often pellucid of tone, but in an account which was so often lacking in character.
Now my intent to join the ranks of Pakistan Army was pellucid but I kept this unusual decision buried in my heart and did not consult anyone.
It is a deeply engaging and provocative synthesis in which larger worlds are revealed through felicitous choice of voice, image, and anecdote, and in the pellucid prose for which this author has long been admired.
Bissett in his Magnificent Guide to Birmingham: Close by yon Lake's pellucid stream, behold A Gothic Pile, which seems some cent'ries old, Vulcanic fancy there display'd her taste, And rear'd the fabric on the barren waste; The Forge materials for the work provides, Rude cinders clothe the frontcompose the sides.
I miss your blog; I miss your Midwestern, all-American wholesomeness and the unadorned, pellucid prose style of the Chicagoan that you were; and I miss your paradoxically (yet consistently) high-minded attitude toward art, always insisting that video games were not, and could never be, "art.
The Met makes the chronic mistake of assigning the role to a mezzo, but it was written for Poulenc's latter-day muse, the radiant soprano Denise Duval; and Claire, with her shimmering, pellucid light-lyric soprano, her pale elegance and balletic physical grace, kept reminding me of Duval without seeming in any way a copy.
Much of the scholarly analysis here is undertaken specifically in relation to Ludwig Wittgenstein's equal parts cryptic and pellucid Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1921), which the Vienna Circle thinkers who devised logical positivism treated as a major inspiration.
Cytochemical demonstration of modification of carbohydrates in the mouse zona pellucid during folliculogenesis.
Weiss admirably shares Plato's aim of helping readers to become better human beings, and her pellucid exposition, which occasionally rises to the level of prophetic eloquence, raises intriguing questions: (1) Weiss wonders whether "philosophers who see the highest realities" are for Socrates "mere fictions.
Reagan, however, appealed directly to the people from the bully pulpit of the presidency, not from the Senate floor, and he made sure to explain the issue in pellucid and persuasive terms.