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growth of hair or wool or fur covering the body of an animal

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Walker WJ, Pelage JP Uterine artery embolisation for symptomatic fibroids; clinical results in 400 women with imaging follow up.
Five minutes were then allowed to pass for habituation of the squirrel to the observer's presence and the recording of some pelage characteristics (vide infra).
However, Fichter and Williams (1967) described a fox with red-phase pelage characteristics more similar to native mountain foxes (yellow, buff, or tawny), and as a result tentatively classified these foxes as V.
This study shows a number of associations between individual pelage color variation of Akodon budini and biological (i.
We examined photographs from each site and identified individual cats using pelage patterns, body shape, size (relative to surrounding permanent objects), and other defining features, such as collars (Bengsen et al.
But pelage has proven to be much more sensitive to picking up that [with hybridisation] you get a distortion of the normal pelage variation.
Therefore, we distinguished pups and yearlings in late June by pelage differences if they were close enough for pelage to be seen clearly.
Pelage JP, Soyer P, Repiquet D, Herbreteau D, Le Dref O, Houdart E, et al.
blossevillii, based on the following cranial, external, and morphometric characters: a developed lacrimal ridge, rusty red pelage coloration, and small size (FA 39 mm).
Not surprisingly, Fergus profiles African freedom fighters of both genders including Equiano, Cugoano, Prince, Tacky, Jones, Howe, Greaves, the Sons of Africa, L'Ouverture, Pelage, Delgres, Fedon, Farcelle, Chatoyer, Duvalle, and Rosario, as well as Eshu and Anansi, legendary African folk heroes (163).
The Mandrills have an olive green or dark grey pelage with yellow and black bands and a white belly.
In another image, Woodman herself stretches in a black dress next to an elongated pelage.
Due to the winter of West Kazakhstan pelage of animals would be thicker.
Just as their pelage varies from black to sandy to white, public attitudes about them range from ecstatic acceptance to tolerance and violent rejection.