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(computer science) the smallest discrete component of an image or picture on a CRT screen (usually a colored dot)

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For those of you who hate football or are too young to have heard of Pel, he is reckoned to have been the world's best player.
All serum measurements were made within 30 days of diagnosis; the 698 patients described herein were chosen for having had both PEL and BCG measurements of albumin performed on the initial serum sample.
Methods of compliance - requires employer to use feasible engineering and work practice controls to achieve PEL and STEL or reduce exposures as much as possible.
This is due to the existence of the ellipsoidal LCP particles in a PEL matrix and the lack of phase inversion to fibrils from ellipsoidal particles.
PEL 92 transports crude via the PEL 92 to Tantanna flow-line, which has enable production from PEL 92 to continue during the recent flooding as the flow-line removes the need for offtake trucking.
3] PEL for respirable crystalline silica, he adds, noting: "We believe that an objective rendering of the relevant scientific evidence demonstrates that the existing PEL provides adequate protection when it is fully complied with and fully enforced.
Historically in PEL 92, oil has primarily been encountered in the Namur Sandstone.
A nghofiwch amy rygbi, mae cewri Seland Newydd yn dychwelyd y wythnos hon er mwyn herio'r Cymry ar y cae pel droed.
Interior fit-out specialist the Pel Group, which had been installing seats in the new Wembley stadium, has been bought out of administration after cash flow problems triggered its collapse.
83% working interest under PEL 112, PEL 444 & ACOR's ORRI under PEL 111 appear to be possibly located in the highly productive western rim of the Cooper/Eromanga Basin.
At the present time, PEL has not provided drilling depth, testing results or other status information with regard to the drilling of Aminah-1 directly to Jura, and Jura has not independently verified the discovery.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 7, 2015-Holloman Energy Corporation spuds Baikal Well on PEL 444, Cooper Basin, Australia
In April 2014, PEL sold 11% stake it owned in Vodafone India for 8,900 Crores; recording a gain of ~3,036 Crores.
The proposed lower PEL would apply to all general industry, including metalcasting facilities.
PEL (Pakistan Elektron Limited) is one of Pakistan's leading manufacturers of home appliances and electrical goods and has been serving the nation through innovative technology by manufacturing quality electronic appliances since1956.