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a form of igneous rock consisting of extremely coarse granite resulting from the crystallization of magma rich in rare elements

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The objectives of the program are (1) to determine the orientation, thickness and zonation of the Pakeagama Lake pegmatite, and (2) to refine the mineralogical characterization of these zones by better establishing their lithium, tantalum, cesium and rubidium potential.
Complementing the Company's lithium brine projects are rare metals pegmatite properties in Canada and Ireland that have revealed through recent highly positive results a clear potential that the Company will advance with the support of its strategic partner, Ganfeng Lithium.
The Company also owns the James Bay (100%) Lithium Pegmatite Project in Quebec, Canada.
resulted in the identification of a zone of uraniferous pegmatite outcrops ranging in width up to a kilometer and extending for at least
The best known occurrence of rare metals is north of Kenora at Separation Rapids, where Avalon Rare Metals and Gossan Resources are working ground thought to host one of the largest pegmatite deposits in the world.
The two identified lithium and rare metal bearing pegmatite dikes that appear at surface have been defined by drilling to be up to 20 meters wide and having exposed lengths up to 300 meters long.
Quartz--Widely distributed, there are 13 million cubic metres of deposits in magmatic metamorphic rocks mainly in pegmatites.
At least two of the aplite dykes contain beryl or emerald, which supports the hypothesis that there is a genetic link between the granite intrusion, aplite and pegmatite bodies, and beryl-bearing quartz veins (Neufeld, 2004; Neufeld et al.
La pegmatite du lac Brazil dans le Sud-Ouest de la Nouvelle-Ecosse constitue la seule pegmatite de type Li-Cs-Ta (LCT) reconnue dans le terrane de Meguma en Nouvelle-Ecosse.
Cornwall identified evidence of internal differentiation forming pegmatite zones.
The survey of artisanal miners will provide valuable information as to the location of mineralized pegmatite dyke swarms in the project area.
5 of the 12 samples are blocks with green, blue or red apatite in skarn or pegmatite.
discounted by 7% to allow for the impact of barren pegmatite dykes.
Drill results to date have identified two lithium and rare earth metal bearing pegmatite dikes that appear at surface and are up to 20 meters wide and having exposed lengths up to 300 meters long.
It was found that emerald and other green beryls occur within the contact zone between phlogopite schist and intrusive quartz and pegmatite veins.