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a form of igneous rock consisting of extremely coarse granite resulting from the crystallization of magma rich in rare elements

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We are continuing with the major exploration campaign and will include further geophysical studies to attempt to locate new zones of pegmatite intrusions and mineralisation.
Initial site visit and reviews by Cadence have confirmed multiple pegmatite outcrops across the six claims.
Although Kaufman's supplier did not indicate the exact origin of this material within Brazil, a small amount of similar gem-quality rhodochrosite was reportedly found at a granitic pegmatite (Xanda mine) in Minas Gerais in 2013 (www.
The objectives of the program are (1) to determine the orientation, thickness and zonation of the Pakeagama Lake pegmatite, and (2) to refine the mineralogical characterization of these zones by better establishing their lithium, tantalum, cesium and rubidium potential.
The Company also owns the James Bay (100%) Lithium Pegmatite Project in Quebec, Canada.
The best known occurrence of rare metals is north of Kenora at Separation Rapids, where Avalon Rare Metals and Gossan Resources are working ground thought to host one of the largest pegmatite deposits in the world.
On the other side of the valley we came to the Tsarafara pegmatite complex.
At least two of the aplite dykes contain beryl or emerald, which supports the hypothesis that there is a genetic link between the granite intrusion, aplite and pegmatite bodies, and beryl-bearing quartz veins (Neufeld, 2004; Neufeld et al.
The Brazil Lake pegmatite of southwestern Nova Scotia is a rare example of Li-Cs-Ta (LCT) -type pegmatite in the Meguma terrane of Nova Scotia.
Cornwall identified evidence of internal differentiation forming pegmatite zones.
Originally worked for tin and beryl, the Nyanga pegmatite also contains tantalite, and the eluvial material derived from weathering of the original body is providing feedstock for current small-scale production.
The extension drilling continues to outline parallel and splay structures that also contain mineralised pegmatite bodies and it is exciting to see our exploration model advancing well as we intersect additional pegmatite bodies close to our existing prospects.
AIM: IRR) has acquired three highly prospective lithium pegmatite applications within the Ivory Coast, West Africa, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 28, 2016-IronRidge Resources Acquires Three Prospective Lithium Pegmatite Applications
The Greenbushes pegmatite deposit intrudes along a major northwest regional fault zone.