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a prosthesis that replaces a missing leg

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Pegleg, so-called because he had a wooden leg, unscrewed for the performance (no calls in those pre-PC days for him to be referred to as perambulatory-impaired), posed on the platform, waved, then hurled himself down into the tub.
A mate poured petrol over him, applied a match, and Pegleg sailed down, a meteor in the twilight, putting himself out in 6ft of water while women screamed and strong men went white.
Ginny may seem like a mythical character of yesteryear in the same mould as Spring-Heeled Jack, Icky the Fire bobby and Pegleg the Colomendy ghost-pirate, but the legendary witch actually has a basis in historical fact, although her origins are a little hazy.
So if you have any memories or stories about Pegleg and any other Colomendy legends get in touch.
From the myths and legends of Pegleg and the Welsh Werewolf to the enduring rivalry between top and bottom camp, there are many stories to tell.
Nate Anderson, New Wave of Pirates Has Psoriasis, Frat Boy Hair; No Peglegs, Alts Technica (Oct.
Eric Holder, 57, the nominee for attorney general, was co-captain of the Peglegs, his high school team in New York and also played at Columbia University.
But instead of suing the peglegs off their unauthorized competitors, Disney simply pulled alongside and joined the melee with its own (free) Pirates of the Caribbean online role-playing game, fighting it out on the pirates' own terms.
As a joke, they decided to open a Pirate Supply Store selling things like custom peglegs for the "practising buccaneer".
Everton Stewards snuffed out the challenge of Quarry Green as Collins and Davies got the goals in a 2-0 win while Grammar's 4-1 win over Peglegs was confirmed by a smart double from Thompson and other goals from Morley and Bright.
The dirt-trodden songs from his latest solo album, Stormbreaker, wouldn't be out of place being performed in some old Liverpool pub - Peglegs in the Dingle perhaps, or Flannigans, on Mathew Street.
Goals from Adams (2), Wainwright, Sankey and Schofield did the damage for Grammar as they beat Mackie's Abbey 5-1 as Peglegs beat Quarry Green 2-0.
Mackie's Abbey also secured an opening day triumph beating Peglegs 5-2 thanks to efforts from Davenport (3), Speed and Murphy.