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While it's still much too soon to peg down specific action plans, having officially settled into his new position on Feb.
More than 950 people arrived at the job fair, a number that Schmidt admitted was hard to peg down since people were "pouring through the side doors of the Expo Hall.
A little hammer went along with this and as you tried to pound one peg down, another popped up.
6 Continue to pick soft fruit and peg down good strawberry runners to make new plants.
If you want baby leaves, don''t thin them out, just snip off the leaves when they area suitable size Keep recently laid lawns well watered at all times Regularly remove side shoots from tomatoes Prune summer-fruiting raspberries as soon as they finish cropping Top up water levels in ponds if necessary Peg down runners on strawberry plants to create new plants if you didn''t do so earlier
While the initial setup took some time - you need to peg down a sensor wire around the lawn which eventually sinks into the ground - once up and running, this super cool cross between R2-D2 and Percy Thrower worked like a charm, eerily zigzagging its way across the lawn while avoiding the flowerbeds.
This accounts for the recent vicious attacks on all newly-planted brassicas, as well as some not-so recently planted, so make absolutely sure you've got nets securely in place and peg down right round.
To give the new plant its best chance, peg down the runner using a U-shaped piece of wire and improve the soil beneath the mini plant on the runner.
8 Peg down any strawberry runners into pots of compost for planting next month.
Peg down strawberry runners into three inch pots of compost buried at ground level.