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in a peevish manner

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The morning was fresh and cool; I threw back the lattice, and presently the room filled with sweet scents from the garden; but Catherine called peevishly to me, 'Ellen, shut the window.
And when I come upon it I shall find that I have bought a crumbling pile of ruined masonry, unfit to house a family of foxes," replied the old woman peevishly.
She withdrew it a little peevishly, after a moment's pause.
The hens and the cock had already settled to roost there, and clucked peevishly, clinging to the beam with their claws.
Don't interrupt me," he said peevishly, catching the servant in the act of staring at him.
asked Irais rather peevishly, taking off her hat in the library before the fire, and otherwise making herself very much at home; "I don't like them.
At last, one evening, when we were most of us assembled together again, he entered, silent and grim as a ghost, and would have quietly slipped into his usual seat at my elbow, but we all rose to welcome him, and several voices were raised to ask what he would have, and several hands were busy with bottle and glass to serve him; but I knew a smoking tumbler of brandy-and-water would comfort him best, and had nearly prepared it, when he peevishly pushed it away, saying, -
That fellow seems to know more than he ought to," whispered the doctor peevishly to Wilfred.
I always said it would come to this," the Baronet cried peevishly, and beating a tune with his clean-trimmed nails.
Automobiles whirred past, hooting peevishly, but he heeded them not.
He looked at the servant, and pointed peevishly to a chair at his side.
I don't know how to manage him," Mr Verloc explained peevishly.
They were snug enough there, out of harm's way, and not wanted to do anything, either; and yet they did nothing but grumble and complain peevishly like so many sick kids.
Why, as to the friendly move,' observed the last-named gentleman, rubbing his knees peevishly, 'one of my objections to it is, that it DON'T move.
That 'ere blessed lantern 'ull be the death on us all,' exclaimed Sam peevishly.