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It also had the peevish political end that it would stuff the London-based FA's rivals, the Football League, in Blackpool.
Jon Higgins' peevish late hit on Jones early on should have been punished with more than a couple of slaps to the cheek, Alex Davidson was fortunate to escape without censure for a dangerous piece of footwork on Foster's crown and one or two of the home crowd were less than respectful when Hook kicked for goal.
In their televised debates, Bush has seemed peevish, petulant and completely unused to anyone questioning his judgment.
If that means tarnishing the reputation and betraying the confidences of his late employer princess Diana,making puerile digs at other members of the Royal family and causing extreme anguish and torment to Princes William and Harry by his peevish muckraking of events, thenBurrell apparently has no hesitation in using them to his advantage.
The other concern seems to be that this pampered and peevish heir may continue to pronounce on current issues after he reaches the throne.
In the lexicon of Moggery I like to think I can appear apathetic, boorish, cynical, didactic, elitist, fractious, graceless, humourless, insensitive, jarring, knocking, loathsome, meretricious, nasty, opinionated, peevish, querulous, reductive, sarcastic, testy, unpleasant, vituperative, withering, xeric, yahooish and zany.
Let's go all Loyd Grossman for a minute and look at the evidence: the hapless cleaner from Central Casting; the unusually peevish behaviour of the Natural Blonde; the determination to make sure that I am aware of all the areas that need cleaning; the refusal to change the cleaner after two years of apparent and constant dissatisfaction.
The 29-year-old was sent off, and subsequently banned for six weeks, for a peevish kick at a prone opponent that was high on petulance but low on impact.
According to local legend, children who are "uncommonly peevish should spend the night beneath the tree in the hope that the fairy folk would restore them before morning".
The water looked peevish and discordant and we convinced ourselves that fish do not feed in low temperatures.
Otherwise, none of the play's characters has any substance or is really sympathetic, with Matthew Cottle making the peevish Michael particularly disagreeable.
Arsenal were disappointingly churlish in defeat and Arsene Wenger was especially peevish.
Unfortunately being British and repressed means a peevish glance is our only recourse against such people, and as soon as one is flicked their way, what do they do?
The little black duck with the big personality is self-analytical, scheming, competitive, peevish, paranoid, and neurotic and always manages to get the sthshort end of the schtick