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Synonyms for peeve

Words related to peeve

an annoyed or irritated mood

cause to be annoyed, irritated, or resentful

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Every weekday during the campaign, TransLink's Facebook fans voted on which pet peeve they thought was the bigger faux pas.
It is a peeve, but one worth dealing with for the potential snide comeback opportunity.
NEW YORK -- More than two in five women regard unwanted facial hair as one of their most distressing "pet beauty peeves," according to an on-line survey recently conducted by Yankelovich Partners along with Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
It's hard to give up a peeve, especially a pet one.
Not covering your mouth while coughing is the biggest cold peeve followed by people who wander round with a runny nose.
My pet peeve is serving wine or other drinks in plastic glasses.
These events prompted Randstad to add two additional choices for respondents to consider when identifying their top workplace pet peeve.
This fast moving game show-meets-talk show sees Frank refereeing three celebrities each week as they compete for his approval to banish their top peeve, annoyance, irritation or worst nightmare to the depths of Room 101 forever.
yESTERDay'S SoluTIonS: L ACE A L AN SOH USED SEMI HUM MI N I TEACHERS PATTER SK I OMI TS BRAE FLOR I DA S I PS LOP TESTS CEP AGED TRAGEDY BONE PEEVE FOE BENGAL TEETOTAL DAL I URN PALE ELBA BED SL I D REAR WEE THINKER across: 1 Ruth; 4 Clock; 7 Roger; 8 Crave; 9 Irene; 10 Scrutinise; 14 Anthem; 16 Untidy; 17 Altogether; 22 Offer; 23 Thing; 25 Grass; 26 Store; 27 Anon.
The top three pet peeves found in the workplace (among those who have a biggest pet peeve) are gossip (60 percent), others' poor time management skills (54 percent) and messiness in communal spaces (45 percent).
My second pet peeve, is when things are not returned to the place they came from.
This is sports in the new century and my latest pet peeve.
Louis, Missouri, recently conducted a survey to update the biggest telephone pet peeve of the American public.
Many women also listed "football overkill" as their top pet peeve during the holiday season with football games aired all day on Thanksgiving and Christmas.