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evaluate professionally a colleague's work


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AIBS, which has a long and distinguished history of providing high quality peer review services, has been looking at these questions for a number of years.
The form of peer review that a journal uses--open, single-blind, or double-blind--and the details of the review process are vital aspects of proper peer-review ethics and etiquette, in addition to overall journal quality.
Academic peer review is the process of subjecting an author's scholarly work to the scrutiny of others who are considered experts in the same subject area.
The price for failing to recognize that sham peer review exists, and that there are physicians and hospital administrators who view sham peer review as a "useful tool" to eliminate certain physicians, is often the death of a good physician's career.
We both ask tutors facilitating in-class workshops to explain that student peer review emulates peer review in academic publication and/or daily workplace reviews of colleagues' writing, since peer review becomes most valuable when students understand it both as a classroom activity that can improve their critical reading and writing skills and as a real-world process in which writers address the needs of their audiences.
The American Medical Association and scholars explain that good-faith peer review is afforded protection in some combination of the following three ways: (1) "involved individuals and institutions are granted immunity from lawsuits"; (2) "information related to the peer review process is deemed confidential"; and (3) "peer review work product is designated privileged and inadmissible in court.
Risk management peer review is governed by chapter 13 of Army Regulation 40-68 (1(pp108-113)) and is triggered either by occurrence of a potentially compensable event (PCE), filing of a medical claim, or notification of payment of a claim settlement or award.
Only 12% identified themselves as dissatisfied with the current system of peer review.
Members' firms currently enrolled in the Center for Public Company Audit Firms Peer Review Program are covered under this measure.
Although the federal trial judge found the privilege applicable to federal civil rights actions, he disagreed with what the defendants argued, and ordered them to produce descriptions of events giving rise to peer review without producing the documents themselves.
In a discrimination case such as this one, protecting peer review information does not trump the right to seek the truth for an asserted violation of a person's--in this case, a physician's--civil rights.
The unanimous decision reverses a history of lower court decisions that deferred to state confidentiality laws protecting peer review documents from discovery, finding that "the availability of such information would appear fundamental and essential to any patient's decision to consent to a medical procedure to be performed by a physician in the hospital.
To make sure that the research is worthy of joining this hallowed collection, most journals use a method called peer review.